Wednesday, August 17, 2011

PI Professor and his new investigative tool

I had come back to the bedroom from the kitchen with a Diet Pepsi and a granola bar.  I glanced out the window and saw two squad cars pull up in front of our neighbors.  I said to the neighborhood watch Professor laying in my bed "the cops are here".  His Bible study session came to a sudden and complete halt and he reversed his position and was trying to peer out the 5" crack of the open bedroom window.  "Why don't you just open the window?", asked I.  The answer...he didn't want anyone to see him being inquisitive!  I walked over and threw open the window and blinds and we watched the 2 police officers walk a few houses past where they parked their cars.  Not surprisingly enough he said he wanted to talk Rose for a walk.
So rush hour began on our sidewalk as it became littered with people walking their dogs or going for their morning strolls.  I didn't get a picture of the traffic jam, I didn't grab my camera soon enough.  You can see in the center of the picture the Professor and Rose on the neighborhood watch stroll. He was so eager to get out of the house he didn't even pull on his 4th pair of shorts.  Yes my gentle readers, he wears 4 pairs of shorts at one time, briefs, boxers, cotton jersey and then jean shorts.  I have no clue why, I think he is into feeling safe and secure and nothing makes one feel safe and secure like 4 pairs of shorts on a 110° day!  Is that TMI?

So the Professor makes it back to tell me that he thinks that it was a dispute with his next door neighbors.  I told him that I think this "complainant" is in the middle of a lot of issues in the neighborhood, and I am glad we don't live next door to him.  I can't wait to move our Lilac Thicket. 
I was off work yesterday and it was a lovely day.  We went to Borders to see what bargains we could find.  We did get the Professor a nice pair of reading glasses for $6.oo.  His last pair from Dollar Tree were bent and he had lost one of the plastic lens out of them.  It was actually quite amusing watching him try to read with them on.  I will miss that cheap amusement here in the Thicket. 

We went to eat lunch at Bob Evans and then went to our beloved Thrift Shop.  I was browsing in the books when my bow-legged husband struts over in the above pictured trench coat and it looked darn good on him.  The tag said $10 but I told him I thought the blue tagged items were 25% off.  The next thing I know the Professor comes back and tells me that he paid 25¢ for the trench coat.  He had told the elderly lady she had charged him wrong and she showed him the sign, indeed blue tag items....25¢!  It has a fleece zip out liner, I can't believe this bargain.

I found several books and a purse at the Thrift Shop.  My buys were nothing like the Professor's but I am happy with them. 
I got this puzzle at Borders for $3.00 and think it will be an excellent activity when the weather is cold outside.

Well my lovely and faithful readers it is time for me to get ready for work and leave my Lilac Thicket for the craziness of the world outside.  I will alert you if you see a tall thin black man in a trench coat walking an orange and white britney in your neck of the woods, tell him to call home, he took a wrong turn somewhere in his snooping adventure.  God Bless Us Everyone.

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