Sunday, August 28, 2011

No air, no banana bread, no sister time, no stitching!

Naked ladies are everywhere!  These were standing on the side of the street at my Mom's neighbor's house.  I love them, they are so delicate and they are PINK!  I have been having fun with the Professor's (which I have gained control of) camera. 
Lovely hibiscus reaching for the morning sky, it is so pretty. 
I have loved the hibiscus since we lived in Hawaii.  They are the perfect girlish accoutrement to a girly girl's hair. 
This morning my sister Princess Jujubead and I were going to have a sister love in which turned into everybody in the family showing up at Cracker Barrel.  So much for the sisterly bonding time.  I took my new camera and played with the "showing motion" setting.  It is SO cool. 
Here sits the Professor in the front seat of Mom's Honda as we buzz down the highway.  He asked the Paparazzi not to take photos but as per usual the Paparazzi did NOT honor his wishes.  Everyone enjoyed their breakfast and the sister bonding between Juju and I. 
And don't you love the Cracker Barrel shop?  They had the cutest Halloween things but I contained myself.  I went and sat outside in a rocker and this young gal was playing with this bubble gun.  The Professor thought it would be perfect for Princess Wiggle Wiggle who unfortunately wasn't able to join us because she is with her "Mother".  Since they were 25% off, Professor Softie went and got it AND batteries.  Yes we will have GREAT pictures to share when she is presented with it.
Like all good celebrities they know when to use the Paparazzi! Professor came out of the bedroom dressed to the nines and wanted a photo taken. He does look handsome when he goes to church.

Friday nights Professor likes to go downtown and sit and watch the trains. Downtown in the evenings does have a nice ambiance with the people, the traffic and the bands. After I get off work I meet my Professor down there and we sit for a bit, it is a very cozy and intimate outing. Friday night there was the best band we have heard all summer.

No, I have never met Pat Metheny, he graduated 2 years before I did. I understand he was a music geek in high school and his older brother was good friends with an old co-worker's son. Pat and the outlaw, Cole Younger, are the only 2 famous/infamous people to call Lee's Summit home, at least to my knowledge.

So I played more with my/our camera with a night setting while we were sitting at the train station.  I love the night pictures it took! 
I told Professor there was a train coming and he told me I was hearing something else.  Two minutes later this long Union Pacific train came rumbling by.  It is really cool being 5 feet from the immense power of these machines. 
I threw my last Thrift Shop find, the purse, in with our laundry to get the stain out.  I started playing with my hair flowers and pins and realized I can have fun creating girlish embellishments on it. 
At breakfast this morning Princess Jujubead commented how cute my hand bag was.  I smiled and told her $3.50 !  I was doing a little bragging since the Princess loves expensive handbags!
I received my Hoffman media Halloween special edition in the mail and I adore it.  There are only a couple of designs I couldn't picture myself stitching but other then that it is full of fab designs.

Our air conditioner is out and we are blessed because it isn't as hot as it could be.  Oh yes, I bought a nice loaf of Amish-made Banana Nut bread.  I sliced off 3 pieces for my Mom and brought the rest home.  I just went to get a piece and it was no where to be found.  Professor ate the whole blasted thing in less then 24 hours! If I didn't love him so much I would hate him!  Oh well, my saying feed the hungry also includes him, but he is a bottomless pit!

I think I have rambled on long enough.  I hope your day is blessed and stay cool!  God Bless Us Everyone.

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