Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard of 2011

This is the height of the storm yesterday, late afternoon.  It was difficult to see because of the blowing snow.
This morning and you are seeing my front yard from my front door.  You can see my l'il old Honda drifted into the driveway. 
 You are looking north down Walnut.  The truck you see is parked in the street.  You can see furrows in the snow on the  street to the left of the truck.  The horizontal tracks you see are from my neighbor's driveway and his big truck.
This is from my front door looking across my yard and across the street.  You can again see the furrows in the snow in the street.  There has been virtuely no traffic down the street.   
This is my l'il Honda drifted in the driveway.  Thank you Bryan Busby, Channel 9 Meteorologist for this lovely forecast!  Someone best take his little graphic clicker away before I insert it so deeply he needs a protologist to remove it.

For the first time in history Interstate 70 is shut down between Lee's Summit (where the Lilac Thicket is hidden) and St. Louis, about 250 miles of highway.

Happy, happy February all my gentle readers!  From the Lilac Thicket, may God bless us, everyone!

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Amy said...

I can only leave a quick comment. We are having rolling black outs. Yeah!!

Stay warm.