Friday, February 18, 2011

A new life mission!

Dear Gentle Readers, I am here at work and it is miserably slow.  I was thinking what could I do to possibly pass the time more enjoyably!  My first thought was to break out in song and show them a little soft shoe but that might embarrass my fellow employees and make them feel so inferior and talentless!  So I decided I would delight you and dazzle you with my sparkling whit and wisdom.  Oh lucky you!  Nothing particularly exciting going on at the Thicket that needs to be regaled in my unique perspective so I just may elegantly amble on about nothing!

I haven't stitched a drop since last weekend and this weekend might be rather thin in that department but we will see.  I am waiting on my "Forgive Quickly Kiss Slowly" to come.  I am anxious to start that and possibly begin that motto immediately in my own life!  I thought, why the heck do I need a special guy to employ that philosophy with?  So imagine this if you will..I am standing in line at the local hardware store, someone accidentally nudges me from behind and I turn around and it is very handsome man.  I quickly tell him I forgive him and I wrap my arms around him, bend him backwards and give him the best kiss of his life.  His wife and children standing next to him are not amused and as the cops hand cuff me and drag me off for assaulting with a deadly weapon (my kisses are deadly fabulous), they refuse to listen to my entreaties about my new life mission.

I love this little freebie and it can be found at:

Stephanie has a wonderful sounding apple coffee cake recipe made in the crock pot.  You can find the recipe here:

These are really sweet and you can find the patterns here:

Well these are all my mindless meanderings and if you hear not from me gentle readers for a while, please I will need a little bail money, I may be in the hoosegow.  So until then God Bless Us, Everyone!

PS:  Hello Orin and welcome to my Lilac Thicket.  We will talk at a later time about that forgiving and kissing thing!

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