Sunday, February 13, 2011

Life in the 12 item or less lane

With the warmer temps, the snow is melting quickly and I can't wait for it to disappear all together.  My thoughts have the definite flavor of warmer weather, chirping birds, children at play and even the dreaded sound of lawn mowers.  I finally got my car running after $124 for a new battery.  I didn't realize it was that old, it seems like only  3 years ago it was new.  I have my laundry all loaded into the trunk so I can get up to the laundromat early, like 7am and have it done by 8am.  I am in desperate need of clean snickers.
This weekend also consisted of the dreaded dog butt barbering.  Both my girls have such furry tushes that I have to trim the old keisters or ugly things could happen.  It is a joyful job, for them not me.  I definitely wouldn't want to allow someone with scissors snipping around my pride and joy!

I did get to the grocery store Friday late afternoon and everyone was there.  I am such a celebrity and all the public heard I was going to be up at the HyVee and wanted to get a glimpse of the famous one from the Lilac Thicket.  They were a bit disappointed that the cute hair wasn't going on but after a difficult week of no car, I was not in a cute hair frame of mind. 
I did stitch and stitch I did!  I am coming along even if the pic is sideways to allow an intimate and private look at my coming attraction of cute hair.  See the pin curls?  The above and the following 3 pics are with my web cam!  It is really cool and some of my best photos of me have been taken with it.  The only problem is they are show stuff mirror backwards. 
My brother called yesterday morning to remind me that he had forgotten my birthday.  Being the magnanimous person I am I told him that I was not upset because they had become passe since I had been privy to 54 of them.  He and Lillian, his lovely wife, had bought me a gift and so I went over to Mom's to meet them to receive said gift.  It is a lovely Scentsy® crock.  The little round badge has hearts on it and the color is a little more greenish blue  and I LOVE IT! 
They also gifted me two of the scent blocks, one in Sweet Pea and Vanilla and the other Lilac and Violet!  They both smell divine! 

Today was a laid back Sunday.  I stitched and watched some television as I stitched.  I took a nap and got my laundry together.  I am looking forward to this new week, with great spring like temperatures, a car that will start and therefore I can drive to work and just the thoughts of my Lilac Thicket bursting into a fragrant heaven in the not too distant future.  May God Bless all of us, everyone!

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