Thursday, February 10, 2011

What once was lost, now is found

Good morning my gentle readers and the pickin's are slim here in the chilly snow covered Lilac Thicket.  The barest branches of our lovely boughs are aching to burst out in the tenderest of green leafs and the delicate and fragrant blossoms of our beloved lilacs.  Spring, we yearn for spring as surely as this girlish girl yearns for cute hair! 

We are 4 days from the love infused day of hearts and roses and chocolates.  I know here in the Thicket that we shall be devoid of all proclamations from male admirers!  So sad, but we have hopes of another Valentines Day when we will be swept up in passion and orgasmic delight!

One of my most favorite blogs is Colette's Patterns. I get a daily e-mail from her with her newest blog entry and I have to say, I enjoy them immensely!  She has interesting posts about designers and their creations and I find that so fascinating.  Today's entry was about Edith Head, Hollywood Extraordinaire designer to the stars.  In this day's missive I learned she designed the wonderful party dress that Grace Kelly wore in my favorite movie "Rear Window".  I have absolutely loved that dress from the very first time I saw the movie.  Also Colette is a talented designer herself and she sells her patterns.  I am in love with her style.  Her patterns only go up to size 18 and that is a little to small for me at that time.  I do  promise you when I do get down to a size 18, I will definitely be purchasing a couple of her patterns!  I encourage you to take a look at her blog and if you sew you might want to take a look at her patterns!

I have found a couple of new sites with free cross stitch patterns that I really like.  Both are French blogs and the freebies there are magically delicious.
I will be adding both to my blog list on the right!  That way I will know when there is an update, isn't that the greatest?  Don't 'cha just love that feature on your Blogger bloggity blog blog?

Let me share with you a wonderful little story.  My father was in the Coast Guard and from 1970 to 1973 we lived in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Our next door neighbors were a wonderful couple Meg and Bob who became great friends with my Mom and Dad.  They had 3 children, Jeff, Lisa and Julie.  I used to babysit them.  Jeff and my brother Jeff were great friends and Lisa and Julie and I would play Barbie's or school out on the lanai (porch).  After we left, we lost contact with them.  Over the years my Mom and I would occasionally talk about our memories and wonder where and how they were.  So recently I searched Facebook and found several individuals by that last name and I sent messages.  About a week later I get a response from one of them, he was Meg and Bob's Jeff.  I was beyond thrilled.  He sent his mother my e-mail address and last night I got a wonderful e-mail from her.  I responded and sent her pics of us 38 years older.  One of the most wonderful thing about this world is our computers and the Internet, it makes so much possible today.  Over the past 38 years we all have lost so much but the joy in having one of those lost things, a fond relationship, returned to us is beyond words.

On that note we, the girlish residents of our Lilac Thicket send you, our gentle readers all the wonderful blessings God has to offer!  God Bless us Everyone!

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