Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The twit with the cute hair & blue refuse bags

That hole in the grey sky that kinda glows, it's the sun.  It is KOLD outside!  I know what you are going to say, cold is spelled with a "c"!  My response?  I can spell it anyway I want, I am the center of the universe and I can spell it anyway I want!  What the world should do is bow to everything that is me!  I am becoming twit-a-fied!  Heck if other people can be demanding and self serving, I can too!  I mean let me rant for 15 flipping minutes because there is no hyphen in my last name and dammit I want a hyphen there!  You are upset because the hyphen is missing?  I mean seriously gentle readers, a flippin' hyphen, oh my gosh stop the world and let me off.  Everyone whatever you are doing STOP!!!!!!!!  CPR on a code blue....STOP!!!!!!!!!!  Pouring water on a blazing home....STOP!!!!  Smoking that joint.....STOP!!!!!!!!!!  Declare a world wide emergency!!!!!!!!!  That last name is not hyphenated!!!!!! 
So in the excitement department of the Lilac Thicket it is garbage day.  And even our garbage bags are cute!  Everyone else in the neighborhood has black or white garbage bags, but here the refuse bags are blue!  Don't they look smashing against the white snow!  Ignore the broken snow shovel!  I know people drive by and admire the good taste of the residents of the Lilac Thicket!  "Oh my, she is SO stylish, and have you seen her cute hair?"
Look what I found in the gutter?  Sort of matches the dirty pile of snow on the side of the street.  
Well I am SO loved, truly I am blessed with such wonderful friends.  When I got to my desk at work yesterday, Queen Mum had a present for me.  She said she thought of me and purchased the above cookbook for me.  She thought it would add some variety to my diet.  It is a lovely cookbook.  I looked through it last evening and there are some great recipes.  All of them have 7 ingredients or less.  Here are some of the dishes I am going to have to try:
  • Crab Fried Rice, page 119, oh my gosh, I love crab and in Fried Rice?  Need I say more?
  • Garlicky Pork and Udon Bowl, page 110, sort of looks like Ramen
  • Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps,  page 88
  • Mediterranean Meatball Pitas, page 82, it calls for turkey meatballs but I think I would use beef
  • Crunchy Asian Beef Slaw, page 66, rice vinegar, soy sauce, brown sugar, red cabbage, mint, roast beef and peanuts, doesn't that sound different and yummy!
  • Linguine with Red Clam Sauce, page 55, I love linguine and clams
  • Turkey-Bean Chili, page 48, cubed turkey, pinto beans, corn, tomatoes, it isn't a brothy chili
  • Nacho Fondue, page 168, nacho cheese and tortilla chips
  • Cheesy Sloppy Joes, page 158, this is the recipe pictured on the cover....YUM!
  • Easy Pea Soup with Crab, page 150, this can be served hot or cold and uses frozen packages of peas
This is a fabulous collection of recipes and I will have to share my thoughts as I make these.  Thank you Dorothy, I love you SO much!
Don'cha love when you stumble onto some treasure that you purchased and put away for safe keeping and forgot about it?  I love Ladybugs!  I had purchased this last spring and fell in love with the happy, delightful style.  Of course this could be used for candy but you could also use it for little stitching stuff, beads, jewelry, a million things could be kept in it and bring you happiness and joy all year long. So now the question is, why did I put it away? 

My gentle readers, this twit-a-fied post is coming to an end.  I know you are weeping and separation anxiety is setting in.  My humble little twitty self, with the cute hair, must move on for the time being.  I will delight you again another day soon... from the depths of the Lilac Thicket, until then...God Bless us Everyone.

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