Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oh Snap...cute hair!

Yup, I was feeling crummy yesterday so in the evening I washed and pin curled my hair while I waited for the Pizza Hut to deliver my medium pan crust meat lovers with mushrooms.  I felt rather bad because there was no path shovelled to the door, but I gave him a $10 tip so he didn't mind walking in the snow.  He was a cute young kid too!  The pizza was yummy! And the cute hair?  Well, a couple of fellows at the Hobby Lobby did a double take.  I pretend not to even notice or care but it sure does do a whole lot for my ego!  Okay, this is what happens to you when you get old, to have your glasses down at the end of your nose so you can read your computer screen, don't say you weren't warned!

Oh my mommy bought me the CUTEST rubber snow boots!  I love, love, love them!  The only way they could have been better would have been if they were pink plaid.  She also bought me a cool snow shovel that has an ergonomically correct handle.  I did get my car out the the drive yesterday and hit the Quik Trip for the nectar of the Greek Gods, Diet Pepsi!  It was just in the nick of time too because I was out!  No my gentle readers, it would have been down right ugly if I had run out.  I need, NEED my nectar, zero calorie of course!

So after an hour of primping this morning (vanity is alive and well in the thicket) I got dressed and talked with Mom (Hi Mommy!  I love my boots!).  I then was able to once again get out of the drive and I headed up to Hobby Lobby, armed with my 40% off coupon, after a quick trip by the postie roastie to mail the rent check!
Their silk flowers are 50% off and they had some lovely silk stems.  The pic above doesn't accurately portray the color, they are more of an antique rose, a dusty rose and then there is the antique cream rose and some lovely feathery things in antique cream.  I want to find a lovely container to put them in for my kitchen table.  I want to make a very simple patch quilt top of the antique rose/cream/green colors, to use as a table cloth for the table.  I want the same colors as the silk stems as I just bought.  I am going to take a petal off in an inconspicuous place to put in my notebook as I search for fabric for the quilt.  I want to get fabrics that go together well.
When I was picking out DMC floss I found this lovely variegated ball of cotton thread, I love the colors and I was thinking I have some Valentine and spring themed free designs that might work up well in these colors.  They are quite spring"ish". 
When I was up at Dollar General last week I saw a cute mirror with a antique gold frame and some framed art with the antique rose/gold colors that I like.  I want to go back and get them.  I think they were inexpensive, about $6 each.  When I was perusing Patterns On-Line dot com I saw the above design "Sunlight Blossoms" by the designer Moonlight Inspirations and I loved the colors but more so the style of the flowers reminded me of the mirror and framed art I saw at Dollar General.  Well 'nuf said, I purchased it.  I bought the DMC today for the design and again the colors in my picture are a bit off. But you get an idea. 
I went to look for sparkly things to attach to some hair combs and stumbled onto these initial pins.  I love the sparkly rhinestones and thought they would be girlish on my jeans jacket or even on my jean purse.  All I can say is "Girlishly Delicious"! 
I used my 40% off coupon on some 17"x17" faux q-snaps.  I am going to need those for my ANN "A Christmas Tree" as I get further along. 

So on my Night Owl Stitchers Yahoo Group, I will be stitchin' at 3 with many of my other stitchy poo friends.  I will be working on my Christmas tree.

The sun is out here in the Lilac Thicket today.  We may even reach above freezing, wouldn't that be magically delicious!  Bryan Busby is predicting more snow for next week, I just don't know what I am going to do with him now, threats seem not to intimidate him.  Okay, I guess I am going to have to break out the tough torture tools!  Enjoy your Saturday and from all the gentle girlish gals here in the Lilac Thicket...God bless us, everyone!

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