Thursday, February 17, 2011

What a sexy girlish girl wears.

Oh my we had a beautiful full moon last night!  There was a thin veil of clouds and they were flying across the moon like they were late for a very important appointment somewhere north of here.  This morning the sun is just now gracing us with his presence (I know the sun is a male because of his name, Sol).  There is a very steady wind out there and I can see the brown leaves in the pin oak tree gyrating like a million Tahitian dancers.  It sounds like a lovely huge wind chime in my very own back yard.
You may or may not recognize that lovely woman in the above picture.  It is Rita Hayworth and she is wearing a very sexy outfit.  The picture was in my Colette Patterns e-mail yesterday and she was talking about how do you dress, is it for comfort or is it for sex appeal or something else altogether.  I am definitely a girly girl and I love frilly, lacy, soft, satiny and it is those things that make me feel sexy.  It is the cute hair, the little bit of make-up I wear to make my eyes the first thing you notice, it is the soft, floral cologne I like to wear, it is the fit of the clothes I wear, that make me feel sexy.  For so long now I have not felt sexy nor desirable but along about last July when enough weight had come off and I was feeling so much better, I began to want to care about how I looked.  A dear friend whispered in my ear last week that she really enjoyed watching me develop this confidence, this attitude I now have.  Important to me was if it appeared in overt or in subtle ways and she said definitely subtle.  I don't ever want to be arrogant or what we called in my younger years "stuck up". I want to be quietly confident and cool and sexy.  For instance on Monday when I walked out of a shop and a fellow in a truck was flirting with me as he backed out of the parking place and almost hit the car waiting for his spot.  I was very cool and aloof, pretended not to notice, continued on my way to my car and then I laughed and laughed and I felt like a million bucks.

I am so excited about me and looking forward to enjoying my journey in life.  I was thinking about my wardrobe and what little pieces I would need to have in order to delight my girlish side.  First would be a sexy, silky camisole and maybe a lacy one, something to wear under a blouse with a pair of jeans.  This weekend I am going to find the fabric and I will keep you informed!  I mean gentle readers you are my most intimate girlfriends!  Yes I want to be sexy for someone and you know who that is?  Draw a little closer sisters, closer, a little closer because it is an intimate secret....ready?  Me!

I really like this spring time free design and you can capture it at:

This is a cute free design offered by Brookes Book Publishing!  It's called "Stupid Cupid", remember Lana & the Fontana's in the movie "Princess Diaries" sang the song "Stupid Cupid Stop Picking On Me".  Here is what that little booger looks like!  Snag him at:

I did partake of a little nippy of the Stashahol 100 proof.  I ordered from 1-2-3 Stitch, Blackbird Designs "Pumpkin Farm", Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks "Imperial Heart" and then from Drawn Thread the January, February and March Calendar Covers.  My most favorite Stashahol though hasn't arrived, it is Lizzie Kate's "Forgive Quickly, Kiss Slowly"!  I hope to take her advise when I find the right kissable guy!

So all my lovelies, my girls, my posse, my most intimate readers, I will leave you for the moment but always remember, stay sexy, stay modest, stay Godly and above all stay blessed, everyone!

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