Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Marriage Mayhem and Doggy Deeds

3 days dear readers....3, 3, 3, 3....let's sing a song of 3....how many threes?

I was awakened by the phone at 9:30 this morning.  It was my Mom!  My lovely sister, Princess Juju Bead, told my Mother since it was my marriage feast that I should pick what restaurant we eat at.  Thank you Princess Juju Bead!  I told Mom, I didn't care!  I was chastised and I lovingly told my Mother, my choice was a marriage ceremony with only 2 witnesses (because the law requires that) and the Professor and I.  Anything beyond that were choices that others made and that includes attending the ceremony and a wedding dinner at home or restaurant.  So I told my Mother I would not choose anything and if others wanted to do something, they could make the decisions and the Professor and I would be happy to attend. Out of respect I told my siblings they could come but I did not expect them to and I did that to keep the peace and soothe any hurt feelings.   I wanted this all so simple and even with that, people are trying to complicate it, change it and it is frustrating.

The Professor came in the bedroom as I hung up the phone.  Talk about vanity, the Professor is obsessed with his hair, it must look just so!  He goes thru all of his hair gyrations and finishes off his coif with hitting himself in the head with a piece of paper apparently to smooth this hair....okay!
Professor tells me that Rose killed a squirrel last night and asked me if I didn't hear all of the racket.  No I didn't hear a blasted thing.  But I was puzzled as squirrels aren't nocturnal.  We had a terrific storm move thru last night with wind, thunder, rain and lightening and I thought that perhaps the wind knocked it out of the tree.  He said Rose was barking and the squirrel was screaming and then Rose was trotting around the yard with the dead animal in her mouth.  I asked him what he did with the dead squirrel..."I'm not picking up that dead thing!"  Well we can't leave it dead under the tree for it to rot!  So I put on my pants and grabbed a rake, shovel, brown bag AND one unwilling Professor and held the bag open while he picked it up with garden tools....it was a baby possum!  I feel so bad, I do and I know that Rose did what dogs do but it still bothers me.

In Rose's younger years she was a terrific hunter.  She was fast as the wind and several times she scooted in the house with something dead and presented it to me.  We instituted chop check at the door of the Thicket. 

Oh well my gentle readers I look forward to Saturday morning when all the drama is over and done with. God Bless Us Everyone!  

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Miss LindaLee said...

Love, love, love this blog. You must be so excited. Even though people have tried to turn your special day into their own. Just you and Mr. Professor keep your minds focused on each other allowing your hearts to smile.