Thursday, June 23, 2011

Exhibits SPFAZ!

Exhibit F:  Beautiful flowers that Hip Hop Dot made for my special day.  They are in my favorite color, Pink, and my second favorite color, Pink!  So gorgeous and so generous of my adopted Big Sis, Dorothy.  Dorothy, I know you are reading this...thank you for loving me so much that you want to make my ceremony pretty.  I love you!
H²Dot also made boutonnieres and a corsage, also in my favorite colors.  And you see our wedding bands, the Professor has a big fat finger, size 12 and I have a dainty size 6 finger.  Can't wait to wear my wedding band.
Aren't they lovely all together?
Exhibit P:  Yes gentle readers a pimple!  Frightening how God's sense of humor is so well timed!
Exhibit Z:  Yes gentle readers, the zit, it is the twin of Exhibit P!  I think that God is just picking on me!  Somehow I feel I am living My Big Fat Greek Wedding, please pass the Windex!

Exhibit A:  The mysteriously leak has been identified.  Yes we did have issues with the plumbing in the kitchen of our beloved Lilac Thicket.  The ill installed garbage disposal caused water to pour out of the nasty cabinet under the sink.  And we had Randy, the jousting plumber, out 6 times, at least, because we had these mysteriously leaks appear in the middle of the night.  I know we were frustrated with cleaning it up.  Well we had the leak occur on the bathroom rug late last week when the Professor was walking Rose and I had gone up to the HyVee to get ingredients for the Crock pot Lasagna.  The mysterious leak has a name...April Mae June!  I was flabbergasted, honestly, this is a dog that would wake me up to let her out.  Well I am humbled and that is hard to do!  Not to mention all those mornings I was stepping in April leavings when I thought it was water....GROSS!!!

Exhibit S:  I found these cute little containers in the Dollar Daze bin at CVS yesterday.  I originally was thinking of my lunch bag and now my mad, mad mind is thinking STASH!  These would be so cool to use for my stitching and sewing stash.  Now I got 8 of the smallest ones in one package for $3 and 2 of the larger in a package for $1.  The Chapstick is for size comparison!

I got off work early yesterday and last evening we sat outside and Professor brushed the dogs and we watched the birds at our feeder.  We then went up to Petco and bought some Sushi for my mother's pond.  We got 15 little fishies to put in her itty bitty pond and they swam and they swam all ober da dam...ip ip bittum bottom wattum shoop!  We then stopped and got Professor 2 Red Box movies and puppy food.  Then the Chinese drive thru was hit before we got home! Oh you want to know what we got?  Sesame seed Chicken and Crab Rangoons!  I know, I know, enquiring minds need to know!

So the Professor is rather sensitive to my inability to watch his movies with him.  I fall asleep.  So karma finally bit him last night.  This morning I asked him how his movie was...I love this...HE fell asleep half way thru! 

The day before my marriage I am calm, cool and collected. The day before his marriage the Professor is rummaging around in the refrigerator and bothering me by talking while I am writing.  I am going to run up to Lane Bryant's soon and find some lacy snickers to wear tomorrow.  Even if I am wearing jeans I want to have pretty snickers on and cute hair which I will be pin curling a little later!  So my gentle readers, all is well here in the Lilac Thicket!  I hope your day is wonderful and I am sure I will have some good dope to drop on the Professor after tomorrow's events!  God Bless Us Everyone!

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Miss LindaLee said...

Thinking of you and Mr. Professor today and praying that your day will be beautiful, mild and sunny. Please get pictures so we can enjoy your day also.