Monday, June 6, 2011

Bug bite boom, gal grows green goodies, Professor prunes perfect pouf

It is definitely warming up here at the Lilac Thicket.  Our first full June weekend was a warm and sunny one.  I spent the weekend curled up inside in the splendid coolness of our hard working air conditioner. 

Saturday my coconut pie was an unqualified disaster.  I followed directions exactly and the inside was soup, no sweet creamy coconut goodness.  I don't have any idea what I did wrong but clearly something went wrong.  The teriyaki chicken was very good as were the southwest vegetables mixed in brown rice. 
Sitting outside in Thicket is not the most pleasant of times.  The days are hot and in the evening I get bitten by mosquitoes and I have lots of itchy bumps.  Rose hasn't wanted to come in day or night.  Yesterday, she didn't want to eat which is totally unRose like behavior. 
The tomato starts are really coming along.  We spoke to a lady at the Farmer's Market and she said that Heirloom Tomatoes are slower at everything than our Hybrids so I will not become disheartened when I see plants at the stores 2 foot high already.  Next year I will definitely start my seeds much earlier. 
When we brought our petunia hanging baskets at Lowe's one fell off the basket and a stem broke off.  I picked it up and plopped it in a cup of water.  Imagine my surprise when I pulled it out of the water and it had roots.  Wow!!!! Didn't know it propagated that way.  I am really developing a green thumb! 
We have a new avian feature here in the Thicket.  Our bird feeder has been found by enough winged visitors that they are now fighting with one another to get the best seat to belly up to the bar!  The Professor is learning the names of the birds and I will get the down low from him when he sees a new one visiting. 
Yes our sad Dollar General patio furniture.  I sat on it and the plastic back cracked.  Yes I know I am on the rotund side but after 6 years sitting outside in all seasons I suppose that the plastic has grown brittle. 
I wanted to buy pink duct tape but I knew that my neighbors would hate me even more so I bought the white and have tried to repair the cracks to try extend the life of my beloved love seat.
As I slept yesterday morning the Professor was outside our bedroom window cleaning up the crap corner.  Branches, leaves and shrub clippings were left there from a fellow my landlord hired to do said clipping and clean-up.  Some of the soil has eroded and it has become a mud wallow for the girlz when they sit out there in the rain.  I had an idea. 
Decorative rock!  Arkansas River Rock!  On the way home from Mom's yesterday we stopped at Westlake just to look at the rock because we had no idea how much it was.  It was $3.99 a bag and the broken/torn bags were half price.  There were 4 torn bags and we purchased them. 
The professor decided to try out his Father's Day gift.  I bought him a nice set of hair clippers as he was in disbelief that they charge $20 a cut here.  I am sure there was some sticker shock considering he had some California beautician who cut his hair for free because she had a crush on him.  I am certain she was looking forward to trimming more than his hair! 
Actually he did a great job for the first time he did it himself.  I did a little trimming on the nape of his neck that he could not see and reach.

It's another work week here at the Lilac Thicket and of course I would prefer to stay home and read or sew or stitch.  I hope all of my gentle readers have a great week and we will check in again soon.  God Bless Us Everyone!

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Amy said...

Hello!! Yes, we are back and adjusting to life back at the Hen House.

It is soooo hot here. We hit 105 yesterday. What a welcome back. LOL

I heard that Kansas City got a tornado. I was really worried, but when I changed my phone, your phone number was lost. If you think about it, send it to me again.

We saw a funnel cloud while we were staying in Ohio. That was scary.

Have a wonderful day.