Friday, June 3, 2011

Fun Thrifty Finds

Summer solstice is 18 days away here at the Lilac Thicket.  Today is one of those humid and warm days where the sky seems to be filled with a foggy dust even though you can see the sun in the sky.  Life in the Thicket is wonderful as per usual and our dear, darling Professor has been fighting some sort of a stomach and intestinal virus. 

I hope to get up to the Price Chopper after work as they have the frozen chicken breasts, skinless and boneless for 99¢ per pound and I want to make some teriyaki chicken tomorrow for his Royal Professorship.  He is a fruit lover and I guess that isn't surprising since he is a Caribbean boy all the way through and they also have fresh Bing Cherries for $2.88 per pound.  I was at HyVee this morning and got myself some Kraft Mac and Cheese for 59¢ a box, no limit.  I was a piggie and got 6 boxes.  I picked up a few other things bagged salad greens and vine tomatoes, both on sale.  I want to bake some lemon cookies and a coconut pie for my fella too!  I found 2 easy and yummy sounding recipes and if they are good I will share them with you.

The strawberry and banana jelly I purchased at the Farmer's Market on Wednesday is to die for!  Oh my gosh I want to get some more.  I am thinking these would make some lovely little gifts for friends or relatives in a nice little basket with other little goodies.

Yesterday the Professor IM'd me to tell me he had walked up to the Thrift Shop and had seen a nice recliner chair for $35.  I told him that we could go look at it today.  So this morning we got up a little bit early and filled the bird feeder, watered our tomato plants and flowers and headed up there.  We passed an interesting garage sale and I told him we would stop on the way home.

I looked at the 2 chairs, the one was worn and even if it didn't look it you could tell when you sat on it that someone's butt cheeks had occupied that space frequently.  It was a dark country blue with little dots of color woven into the fabric which was like a heavy double knit, it was hard to tell how clean or dirty it was.  I saw one that was a beige color and although comfy to sit in, it had pet hair all over it.

Professor found a tie for a buck and I found this cute picture frame with chickens and grapes for $2.50 and when we went up to pay for it we found out everything was 50% off today.  Well I went back and got a lovely Lenox vase for $4.25.  I quickly put my flowers in the vase and it is sort of hard to see but if you click on the pic you will get a bigger view.  Below is a better pic of the frame.  I was thinking it would be a cute gift with a picture of maybe me and the Professor!
The frame was originally $9.99 at Hobby Lobby, the original sticker is still on the back.  The grapes actually hang off the frame so it is different.  Then we loaded our 3 treasures in the car and headed back home.  As promised we stopped at the garage sale.  Professor found some flatware for $5.00 and then I saw the rug below.
We had talked about a rug and this one isn't quite the same style as our sofa I really like it.  It is 5' by 8' and it is really clean, as I told Professor the back is clean as a whistle.  Now it is actually not as light as you see here, it is more of a vintage hued brown.  It was $10!  Rugs like this go for $100, on sale even.  I really like it and it could go under our dining room table too! 
I am making great progress on the guest bedroom and think I will finish it up this weekend.  Then I will start on my computer/craft room.  I saw this "student mail box" piece and immediately thought of it as a great organizational piece.  It is about 3 foot by 4 foot and it was $10.  My Mom and sister have similar pieces for their card stock as they are into card making/scrap booking. 
There were also a nice selection of Christian books and they had DVD's too, all of them a buck a piece.  The movies were Professor's choice, books were my choice. I also found a clipboard for 25¢ to help manage my grocery lists when I shop.  The best buy for the Professor was a set of head phones and a small radio that will attach to his waist band.  He wanted something like this so he could listen to music while he worked outside.  I had purchased a cheap one at Dollar General for $6.00 and it went back to the store because it didn't work.  Well his garage sale find was $2.00 WITH the batteries in it.  He couldn't wait to get home so he try them out.
As you can see as I left for work he had them on and the lawn mower was roaring away as I drove off.  Now he will have another distraction when he cuts the front yard under the highly suspect supervision of Rose.  Yes her supervision was SO good she was 2 houses down before the Professor noticed she was gone.  Now being further distracted, she will be 4 houses down before he notices.
This is the doll that the Professor fell in love with on one of HIS unsupervised visits to the Thrift Shop.  As you can see she matches our sofa well.  He said when we finish with the guest room she can occupy that room.  You know something?  I sure do love that man!  God Bless Us Everyone.

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