Friday, June 10, 2011

A New Arrangement with our Beloved Professor

For a change I thought I would start with something stitching related.  In working on the spare bedroom I found a stitching piece that I finished years ago.  I do not even remember the design name or the designer.  I laid it on the "sofa table" to photograph it and you can see the see the severe scratching on it.  More on that later. 
When the Professor and I were in the grocery on Wednesday, seed packs were marked down to a quarter a package.  I bought 12 packages consisting of herbs, flowers and vegetables for our 2012 garden.
Another bargain I got was a CVS filtered pitcher for water.  It was $18.00 but I get a 30% discount, so I paid $12.00.  I have to say the water that comes from this pitcher tastes much better than ANY bottled water I have bought, even Dasani!  So we will be saving money, no doubt! 
The Professor helped me move furniture around to accommodate our new acquisitions.  I wanted to divide the room into front room and dining room.  Did this by moving the sofa from against the wall to the middle of the room.  I put the "sofa table" (bottom of a china cabinet) behind the sofa and that faces the dining room table.  This view is from the hallway. 
This is the same furniture positions but from the front door.  You see the Professor standing in the kitchen entrance. 

This is the "sofa table" view from the dining room table, see the $10 rug?  I want to clean up the drawers and cabinets in the table.  I want kitchen towels in the drawers and mixing bowls and pans in the cabinets.  Our kitchen sadly lacks kitchen cabinets and so I welcome some more room for "stuff".
Here is a better view of our rug and you also see the spot that April now "hides". 
This is the view from the kitchen looking into our dining nook.  Things are really taking shape here in the heart of the Lilac Thicket.  The Professor said our new furniture arrangement makes our Thicket looks cozy and I have to agree with him.

Professor wants to grill this weekend.  I will call the fire department to put them on stand by.  I bought beef hot dogs and we have chicken & hamburger in the freezer we can thaw and grill also.  I want to make some potato salad and also bake a lemon cake. 

The week went by quickly but work was a beast this week.  I am ready for my days off.  May all of you my gentle readers enjoy a cozy weekend in your very own Thickets!  God Bless Us Everyone.

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