Monday, June 27, 2011

Wedding, wishlist, wonderific wants cheap!!

This was the beautiful cake was delicious.  It was champagne icing with raspberry filling between the white cake layer.
This was the pretty table setting we had at the buffet dinner my family had for us.

I did get some stitching done, very little in fact but stitching none the less.  I can't tell you what design it is yet as several of my Facebook Serial Starter and Disciplined Diva Club sisters are supposed to guess the design.
The next 5 pictures are of designs that I have added to my Stitching Wish List.
 I Know God from Lizzie Kate
Merry Christmas Drop from Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks.
Live, Laugh, Love from Lizzie Kate.
Red, White and Blue Panel from Laura J. Perin.
Sweet Christmas from Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks.

The next 5 photos are of things that I couldn't live without, found at the Thrift Shop on Thursday.
When we lived in Hawaii we called them "Jap Flaps" and they were wonderful.  I haven't found these since we moved back to the mainland in 1973.  I paid a dollar for these and they have scarcely left my feet since I acquired them. 
This plate caught my eye because of the PINK flowers, imagine that!  I thought it would be nice to put homemade cookies or candies on.  It was $3.50! 
Sketcher's 2 bucks!

It's PINK and the inside is pristine, I don't think it was ever  used, that little moisture absorber packet was still in it.  It is a nice supple leather...are you ready?  $3.00!
I know they are PJ bottoms but I got them for the Professor to kick around the house in.  He likes elastic in the hem and that is easy enough to put in. They were $1.50!

Well my gentle readers, I really don't have a lot to say but will share more pics of the big day as I receive them from my family and my best girl, B-7!  Back to work today which does not make me tingly all over but I have a job!  God Bless Us Everyone.

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