Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The proper use of wieners!

Oh I wish I was Weiner's wiener!
That is what I'd truly like to be...

For if I was Weiner's wiener...
The news would be all about me!


Anthony Weiner, 46 years old and one would think with the long list of perverted politicians who have previously failed at keeping their filthy little sex secrets secret, this Weiner would have been smart enough and savvy enough to realize he was doomed to failure.  I mean really, with his amazingly apparent thoughts that his genitalia was much more impressive then any of the men's listed below, all the women he was sharing it with, would NOT be able to keep to themselves the most amazing  weiner every beheld by womankind.  Seriously my gentle readers, I have not seen Weiner's junk and I don't want to see Weiner's junk and if he is really lucky the only woman (his suffering wife) he had committed to showing his junk to may want to kick him and his amazing equipment to the curb.

In this day and age a smart politician would have learned from the likes of:
 Silvio Berlusoni,
 Bill Clinton,
 John Edwards,
 Barney Frank,
 Eliot Spitzer,
 Larry Craig,
Mark Sanford,
Newt Gingrich,
and the amazing Arnold  Schwartenegger that low class women (and in Barney Franks' case, men) every where will always want to share the bounty of their good fortune with the media for $$$$!  I guess our elected representatives are pretty enamoured of themselves and their junk!  Quite frankly, if you seen one, you have seen them all, just like cucumbers at the market all oiled up and buff, we grab the biggest and best deal we can get when they go on sale at HyVee for the amazing price of 3/$1.00! 

Let's not even go into the sports world and look at the sports celebrities like Tiger Woods and wonder, what in the hell are these men thinking?  My pity meter is not even registering for these idiots!  When will we learn, not just politicians, movie stars, sports celebrities, when will we, the human being, the spiritual, God loving people learn that if we partake of this sin that we will be revealed, we will be embarrassed, humiliated and humbled.  They say that the most powerful instinct we have is to reproduce and I believe it.  Look around, the evidence is in our communities, churches, neighborhoods and families of the destruction that our sexual desires wrought. 

This is just my humble idea, my prescription to stay out of wiener trouble...
Please, please keep your wieners in a hermetically sealed package until they are ready to be cooked and eaten in the proper way. 

Please pass the relish.............

Enjoy reading this article about the same scandal:  http://thyblackman.com/2011/06/06/rep-anthony-weiner-gop-barney-frank-newt-gingrich-and-more-sexual-deeds-come-to-light/comment-page-1/

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