Monday, June 20, 2011

Bullets, Bullsheet and BM (before marriage)

I adore typing my missives not once but twice.  This technology is great but where in the Sam Hill do my posts go as I am editing them....poof they are gone!  G-r-r-r-r-r!

Let's start again!

The Professor and I went and purchased our marriage license at the Courthouse this morning.  We were both a bit nervous because we feared not having the proper documentation.  Since yours truly visited what "she thought" was the official website for information we actually ended up having more then enough documentation which is probably why we got the funny looks dragging in our fire proof  wall safe and a witness.  Professor was so nervous we had to make four stops at the little Engineers room before we got to the right office.

It was SO easy and the un-necessary witness (my mother) laughed.  I tried to convince the clerks I was under the age of 18 so we could at least make Mother feel like she hadn't wasted her time by signing her permission for me to marry.  Well the clerks weren't fooled by my youthful appearance which really wounded me.  It might also explain why I don't get carded when I buy liquor and the young bag boy at the HyVee calls me "Madame"!

Something else I find peculiar, the Professor only opens doors for me when my mother IS around!  Do you think I am missing something?  Oh yes, his Mother's garage door was open when we returned and I wanted to make sure there were no buggers in her house, I charged up the stairs, looking in closets and under beds and turned around to give the all clear and the Professor had just entered the threshold!  Wow, I now know that he ain't gonna be throwing himself in front of speeding bullets for me!

So here at the Thicket we have 4 days until the nuptials take place.  So far the Professor's luggage is still in the bedroom so I know he hasn't changed his mind.  Stay cool my kindred spirits and God Bless Us Everyone!

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