Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Yarn, Stash and Rachael Ray

So I started my day at the laundromat. I had the wash done by 8:30 a.m. I brought it home, put it away and then called Mom. I then went up to C.C. & Co. I signed up for the Boo Club and purchased a little stash. I also purchased the yarn pictured below. Everything was on sale. They are getting rid of their yarn so I got the yarn 50% off! The fabric was also 50% off, the leaflets were 30% off and then I got a package of Piecemaker needles and 2 binder rings and they were 15% off. The fabric is a nice size piece of Lugana 28ct, it is an over-dyed from Zweigart called "Dusk". I am thinking of a Halloween piece, it may even be big enough for the Lizzie Kate Boo club designs. I am thrilled with my stash.

I then went up to CVS and got my medicated Chapstik, batteries for my camera, plastic cutlery and some peppermints. I got my employee discount too! Then I was tired. I was so jazzed today and really did well as far as physical activity. My back started fussing at me and I came home and laid down to take a nap. My Ghost Hunters isn't on tonight and that is a drag!!

I had been looking on-line for a free knitting or crocheting pattern for a drawstring ditty bag, the kind I used to carry in junior high/high school. I found this pattern:
I didn't want to buy the yarn on-line due to shipping charges. I found the yarn pictured above with Carolyn's help (at C.C.'s). It is an Italian acrylic/cotton blend and I will have to use 2 strands instead of 1. The yarn it called for is a chunkier strand. The Bamboozle yarn is a bamboo yarn which is very interesting to me and the one skein is only 90 yards and the one I got is 170 meters which converts to 185 yards, so I have plenty.
Oh yes I am a fool for cooking magazines, recipes, cookbooks! Best Deal Magazines has Rachel Ray's magazine "Everyday With Rachael Ray", 10 issue subscription for $7.29 today only. Guess what I subscribed to?
I put clean bedding on the bed. I also didn't want doggies on bed so I put a empty laundry basket on the hassock (which allows the girls to get up on the bed). Well when I laid down for my nap the lovely Rose had her nose wedged between the basket and the chair looking so longingly at me and horrified I would nap without her. What a ham bone!
Well Happy 2009 to all outside the Lilac Thicket. We will be inside tonight, imbibing on Diet Pepsi and chips. If lucky we will make it to, oh say 9 p.m. before we fall asleep. God Bless!!

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