Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas, Clean Clothing, Crashing Cutie Girl

Just a brief post since it has been a couple of weeks since my last post. The picture above is just a pretty winter picture that came with one of my software programs. I can't say that I have been caught up in all the Christmas hype, but it effects me none the less.

I was very blessed with gifts this year, from Tinker boots to a lovely warm coat and lots of money/gift certificates. My sister in law made some lovely angel earrings for me and then a pretty cloudy green stone bracelet and matching earrings. I received a pretty pink shawl, a idea book of hand made hand bags, bras (!), Avon products, a beautiful stone hand crafted pendant which is red and black, a handbag that has pockets on the outside for photos, or needlework. My girls got treats and their special Christmas beatings.

Rose rolled off the bed Tuesday night and hurt her already arthritic hip. I gave her an extra dose of her Rimadyl and today she is so much better. When I was cleaning off a table I found a squeaky toy. Well when she heard that she leaped straight up without a hitch and ran over to get it. The toy disappeared outside to get a Britney burial, I am certain. Speak of the doggie, here she is nudging my elbow as I type.

I am in the midst of coming up with my goals for 2009. I will share them later! Resolutions are too easy to overlook, I like goals. One of my goals I already started. I spend 5 minutes with God and his good book each day. Well I have kept that up for the past 5 days. I figure I need to grow closer to my Father since He has blessed me beyond measure.

I went up to the laundromat this morning and washed just enough clothing for 7 days. I just didn't have the heart to do it all. I received my gas bill, $217.00. Yikes!!

Well my dear ones, this is a bit for now here at the wonderful Lilac Thicket. May love and peace be your constant companion for the upcoming year. God Bless Y'all!!

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