Saturday, December 27, 2008

Goals, Great Stash, Good 2009 Thoughts

Isn't this the prettiest poinsettia design? It is a Ellen Maurer Stroh design. I think I need it! Today I ordered another design from her called "Heart of Roses and Daisies" at Just Needlin'. I also ordered the Q-Snap extenders and 5 packages of the Piecemaker needles in size 26.
Yesterday's post alluded to goals I have set for 2009. Here are 18 goals I have set so far:
1-Make gifts, do not buy them
2-Read a Purpose Driven Life in 40 days--started 12/20/08
3-Set a weekly goal to clean a small space in the house, God doesn't like a dirty girl
4-Be the eye of the storm, calm and quiet, minding my own life and business
5-Read one book for pleasure-yesterday I bought Michael Creighton's "Next"
6-Sew one outfit
7-Start a gift idea notebook where all my ideas are in one place
8-Save $1000.00
9-NO PAYDAY LOANS, be a wise conservator of my hard earned dollars
10-Regular oil changes in the car
11-Walk 1 trip around the call center each workday
12-Keep my car clean on the inside, God doesn't like a dirty girl
13-Clean the garage so I can fit the car in it next winter
14-Bake a different batch of cookies, once a month
15-Wash curtains and walls, God doesn't like a dirty girl
16-NO unexcused work absences
17-Share my Blessings donate to Harvesters, City Union Mission & Humane Society
18-Spend a mere 5 minutes each day with God reading His book
Now I plan to review my goals through out the coming year and check on my progress. I want to make all of the above good habits.
I have packed up all my Christmas decorations on my desk and I have all my books and magazines at the ready. I have worked all my follow-ups and will have to call back my Adopt a Customer after 12:30 to see if the prescription I ordered this past Tuesday came in the mail today.
So here at the Lilac Thicket we have etched in stone my goals for a wonderful new year. I expect great and lovely blessings the year through. Happy Lilac Thoughts my dear readers!

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