Sunday, December 7, 2008

Movies & Freebies

This is the free design that I am anxious to get with my FOMC selection that I talked about yesterday. This design can also be found in the archives at I think it is cute.

I have been dreaming about the Dupioni silk and the special is over at midnight. I was thinking about getting 1 yard of it to make a handbag. I have never worked with silk before and think it might be fun. I have a pattern which I think would be nice that came in a sewing magazine much earlier in the year.

Netflix movies that I watched on my days off were Wall-E, Charlie Chan at the Opera and Laura. Wall-E was sort of cute until he was sucked up to the space ship which was inhabited by a bunch of fat people who sat on their asses and robots waited on them hand and foot. I was really put off by that scenario. Why are fat people always lazy in the movies and cartoons? I am fat but not lazy and I really am offended by this characterization. Charlie Chan was a typical Chan movie only this time Boris Karloff was his adversary. Number One son wore a suit of armour through this movie and helped "Pop" by skulking about the theater looking for the murderer of 2 people. It is a 1936 movie and I enjoyed it. The 1944 movie "Laura" starring Gene Tierny and Dana Andrews was a nice movie. I found the biography of Gene Tierny very interesting. The movie premise was that Laura (Tierny) was loved by many men is murdered. A New York detective (Andrews) falls under her spell as he investigates her death.

The next 3 movies I received yesterday are "The Manson Family". Charlie Manson fascinates me with his mental health behaviors. I was 12 years old when his hippy group murdered Sharon Tate. I was horrified with the idea that his group "Creepy Crawled" residences without the sleeping people knowing they were there. "Indiscreet" with Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman and the last movie is really disc one of the wonderful British comedy "Red Dwarf".

There is a cute friend free design on Cross Stitch Happy. I was looking at the LagattaC blog and there are some cute free designs offered on the french sites. Well I suppose I will close the Lilac Thicket for now since I am so blasted cold! Happy Sunday!

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