Friday, December 12, 2008

Pantie Waists, candles and gangs of snowflakes

This is the nasty sight I woke up to Wednesday morning. Two inches of snow and they called off school. Let me tell you we are raising a bunch of people that cannot tolerate anything other than optimal lives on this planet. I remember in 1975 we went to school in a raging snow storm. The snow was up to the knees and blowing all over the place and we were in a very cold school bus going to school. Now I will tell you that at that time I lived in the same community I live today. Today the roads are MUCH better, not the same rural roads we had to traverse then. The superintendent of the district used to say if he could get out of his driveway that there would be school! We didn't have Hummer's in those days either! Parents and kids today are a bunch of pantie waists! I will scream it from the roof tops, Y'ALL ARE INTOLERANT PANTIE WAISTS!!!! YOU ARE RAISING WIMPS AND YOU ARE WIMPS!!!!! Your children's lives are no more precious than the children in 1975!! The only difference is you are a bunch of pampered poodles!

Okay with that out of my system I accidentally organized my spare bedroom. I went in looking for a theme notebook and ended up straightening it up so I could find it. Lo and behold I found stuff I forgot about. I found a ton of cross stitch stuff! It got me to thinking about not buying anymore stash. I have some forgotten cute stuff I bought. I am afraid if I don't purchase the cute stuff I see today, it will be gone in 6 months. If our society should break down in the next 6 months I want to make sure I have enough needlework to calm my nerves and keep me content. If roving bands of thugs find me in my hideout, at least I will die content and with a ton of stash to pillow my rotting corpse! My gosh I am morose and maudlin this morning.

Stitching done, none! I think today is the day for it. Yesterday I went up to Hobby Lobby and purchased 10 Simplicity designs for 99¢ each. I bought a couple of handbag patterns, a jumper and kimono pattern. I will add them to my Excel database later.

They also had candles on sale 50% off. I bought 3 Bella pillar candles for the $10 Secret Santa limit for work. I ran over to give my Mom a kiss and was telling her about them. I brought them in and we made a 2½" wide sleeve around each with pretty paper and tied jute around the middle of the sleeve. She had these cute animal charms and I chose jade, cream and yellowish elephants and threaded them onto the ends of the jute. They look really nice.

Yesterday was a pretty nice 45° outside. The Girlz are outside now and the sun is shining brightly and I bet it will melt a lot more of the hateful snow out there. I just can't believe how those dreadful flakes like to gang up on us in the winter.

I did add 3 new must haves to my Stitchy Poo Gal's Needlework Wish List. I know you must be shocked and horrified at my confession. I just cannot help myself, the new Drawn Thread designs are to die for!

Alas the time has come for the Lilac Thicket to fold in on itself to cocoon me from the perils and madness of the outside world. Ah yes, I am but a humble hermit inside it's fragrant branches. Until next time, I send my salutations.

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