Sunday, November 27, 2011

I need a little Diet Pepsi, eat a lot of good stuff and dream of stitch shoppes

We at the Lilac Thicket had a lovely Thanksgiving.  Princess Wiggle Wiggle was present and accounted for and was the absolute entertainment for the day.  I love the above picture, that is my sister, Princess Juju Bead with her heir apparent, Princess Wiggle Wiggle.  I have to tell you that little girl loves everyone!  When I walked out the front door the Professor was holding  P.W.W. and she thought she was going home with us.  She cried and cried as we drove away, beseeching us to come back!  It broke my heart. 
My SIL really out did herself with our Thanksgiving feast.  I had to go back for seconds on the turkey and mashed 'tatoes and gravy. 
The most important things to be thankful for were the 9 adults and one Princess crowded around the table and it made for a memorable first Thanksgiving for the Professor and I.
As promised here is a picture of the sock bun curl results.  It was promising when I took it out but when I combed it out all the curls disappeared into a frizz, not very girlish and I was disappointed.  Oh well, guess I will stick with my pin curls.  Oh for you older girlish girls like me, remember these?
Yes, I found Spoolies and I am going to order them.  I didn't know they were still made or sold, they are the BOMB!  I think it would be easier then the current pin curling sessions...24 of these beauties are $ pay day!
The day before Thanksgiving I came home from work and was met by the Professor at the kitchen door..."Who goes there?"  I answer, "It is I the desperate neighbor across the street who desires you to father my 4th child!"  "NO! I am a married Professor, be gone you promiscuous temptress!"  So he puts his hand over my eyes and leads me into the house (just what every man should do with a promiscuous temptress, am I right?)!  There right in front of me is a sight I have not seen in eight long white Christmas tree, decorated in a Professor-like style, which means there is no style!  He was so proud of his feat and you know, that Christmas tree needed to have all the bad memories shook out and replaced with good ones. 
Not the best picture but this is what a burglar casing the house from the outside would see.  It does look very pretty, festive and inviting.
So the Red Velvet Brownies with the White Chocolate Buttercream Icing are to die for.  Yes I made them for my new team mates and they were a huge hit.  There were even some left over so I could share them with my old team mates, Bodacious Bev, Krazy Kat Lady Karol, Hip Hop Dot, Devine Ms M and Cherry, Chari, Sherry!  You have to make these and you can get the recipe here:
There has been NO stitching at all here in the secluded folds of the Lilac Thicket.  I have always thought of my own needlework shop, I mean what stitcher hasn't.  I ran across two pictures of shoppes and I thought "Aha!!!, my dream shoppe!"  I believe the above one is in England, could be wrong, and the one below is in Norway I think.
Both are perfect little nooks for a shoppe filled with girlish needlework delights.  I can't really decide which one I want for my shoppe!  What do you think?

I am a bit nervous at the moment...I allowed the Professor to use a hammer to tap thumb tacks into the window frame to hang the Christmas lights....I know that is folly, maybe I need to go look for a big piece of cardboard and the duct tape to cover the gaping hole in the glass window that I am envisioning.

Yesterday I made a pretty good Shepherds Pie and right now I have a big pot of Lima Bean and Sausage (turkey sausage) Soup on low on the stove top.  It is smelling really good too!  I found a basic muffin recipe that has several variations and one of those is garlic and cheese. I thought I might try those to eat with the soup.  I also think I want to make some oatmeal cookies.
This looks yummy 'rific doesn't it?  Funcetti Cake Batter Fudge...I am gonna have to try it.

I suppose I should be closing and getting ready to head up to the grocery for some doggie kibble and Diet Pepsi.  I found the following at Pinterest and it makes such simple sense.  I am living in peace now, what a blessing.  God Bless Us Everyone!

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