Sunday, November 20, 2011

Flying Snickers and other Girlish Delights

You remember ’’Where’s Waldo ?’’  I have a new game…Where’s the Professor ?  No it isn’t just an unmade bed !

It seems as though it has been a million years since we here at the Lilac Thicket have been able to communicate with our dear readers.  I can scarcely remember so long ago when the Internet was NOT part of our daily lives.  As wonderful as it is it is definitely a time stealer.

It is a bit past 9am and I have been up since 8am making Amish Sugar Cookies.  Last time I sifted the dry ingredients, this time I didn’t and I think that will make a big difference.  The cookies last time did not spread like the traditional sugar cookies I like and they were delicate in texture, like Russian Teacake cookies, crumbly.  They were okay but I was disappointed. 
Making them this morning there was a distinct difference in the texture of the dough, not so dense, lighter and airier.  The first batch is in the container and they do taste different then last time but they still don’t have that traditional sugar cookie taste and texture.
Pulling out my utensils and ingredients to make my cookies, I found to my dismay that the Professor had been using my rubber spatula to cook his fried rice !  It was ruined.  How fortunate I had bought a rubber spatula with little tiger faces all over it (we are a Mizzou family) for my sister in her Christmas stocking.
I wrote on the wooden handle of the new spatula…well you see !  And it it very peculiar that every time I am in the kitchen cooking or baking the Professor wants to sweep.  I can’t tell you how many times I have asked him to refrain from stirring up stuff with the broom while I’m in the kitchen.  So THEN he wants to fix him some breakfast and I absolutely shudder when he is in the kitchen…EW…would be a good word to use.  So I cover up everything I am doing and come and type some more into my blog until he is finis !

Yesterday was a lovely day, in the 70’s, which I cannot tell you how unusual THAT is for 5 days before Thanksgiving.  I took advantage of the warm stiff Southwesterly wind to wash and dry some girlish snickers.  I know my neighbors enjoy my snickers blowing in the wind.  I mean who wouldn’t ?!
My first full week at my new position at work was wonderful !  I love the data entry part of it.  The challenging part rolling representatives in and out of client queues is rather nerve wrecking, but one of my new co-workers likens it to a chess game…I suck at chess !  I will start my permanent schedule 7am to 3 :30pm on the 29th.  I look forward to that.

Oh I tried something different to curl my hair !  It’s call Sock Bun curls !  You take an unmated sock and cut off the toe, roll it into a donut shape and slide it over your pony tail, tuck the ends in the end and roll until it is flush with the head, pin it, I used 4 roller pins and sleep on it.  It will look like this :
I will take a picture to share when I take it down, even if it’s a flop.


My girlz insisted I share the pics I took of them yesterday…Yes that is April Mae June on the left and Rosie Kate on the right…such good pooter haupt’s.  They are excited about Thanksgiving because I haven’t the heart to tell them they aren’t going to Uncle Brother 2’s with the Professor and I.  I know they have visions of Kibbles and Bits dancing through their heads, but frankly that isn’t anything unusual.  These 2 are stomachs on 4 legs.  If it’s edible, they eat it…if it’s inedible, they eat it !  I think you get the picture.

So gentle readers, it is time for me to bring this long awaited missive to an end and wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We all have plenty to thank God for !  God Bless Us Everyone !

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