Sunday, November 6, 2011

Naked birdies, car crashes & wax lips

See you just never know what that customer service representative looks like when you call Pizza Hut, Missouri Gas Energy or the Psychic Hot line!  I KNOW...Krazy Kat-Lady Karol and Hip Hop Dot look like cartoon characters, or they just had the lip enhancement from Hell treatments!

That customer service representative from LL Bean or Medicare could look like me or Bodacious Bev!
Of course if you call 9-1-1 your emergency dispatcher could look like Jocular Jen or Cherry Sheri Chari!  I is a horrifying thought! 
That's right Hip Hop need a little more fluid to keep that lip swelling up!!!!  God love ya my Saturday Girlfriend Posse, my Saturdays will never be the same at work without you!
It is a gorgeous morning here in the secluded folds of our Lilac Thicket.  The sun is warm and inviting and I can't help loving the leaves on all the trees and those that have fallen on the ground.  I particularly love to watch the leaves somersault, pinwheel and skitter down the street as the North Wind blows.
This morning I woke up and wondered why it was so quiet in the neighborhood (I forgot the time change) when Rose and April followed me out into the front yard to sniff out the Sunday newspaper.  Well, I kept telling Rose I didn't think the newspaper delivery guy threw our paper in the neighbor's yard.  Finally I found it in our driveway.  I don't know why I ever pay attention to ANYTHING that dog says!
Rose did alert me to a huge lot of feathers in the backyard that seemed to be missing the actual bird.  I am really concerned there is a naked, cold mourning dove running around the neighborhood.  It certainly can't fly because it left behind it's wing feathers too!  I suppose it could be skinny dipping but there isn't any water in our bird bath so I find that possibility highly doubtful!  If you see this naked mourning dove please let them know I can't guarantee that their feathers will still be at the Lilac Thicket when they return because no doubt some dirty stinker bird will steal them, nothing is safe anywhere anymore!
I was laying in bed sick as can be.  I hear the garage door go up, the car start, the car rev, the screech of tires and then a BOOM!  Yes the Professor was kindly getting the car out of the garage.  I waited and he comes in looking like a scared kid on the play ground and tells me in a babbling kind of incoherent way that he didn't know the wheels were turned.  He still hasn't mastered that clutch thing on the floor board.  I know your next question is, did he survive?  Survive what?  The impact of the car collision or the confessing of the deed?  Well let's just doesn't matter...his wife hasn't reported him missing or anything like that!
I am going to stitch today.  After a week of being sick with bronchitis and strep I am going to treat myself to a day with my needle and floss.  I am going to make an Oven Fried Chicken and mashed 'tatoes and gravy for dinner.  Other then that, we here in the concealment of the Lilac Thicket will continue to battle the intrusions outside world.  Until next time, or I am released from prison for Professor-slaughter...God Bless Us Everyone!

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