Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Stash and Stitches

So this is my progress as of Saturday evening when I went to bed. On Saturday I had stitched 199 stitches and have done the back stitching on the flowers. I am SO close to being done. I have the back stitching of the vines on the upper leaves, the beads that enhance the upper group of flowers and leaves and the right half of the upper wing and associated back stitching with the krenik. I am so excited to be so close to done. The scan is not much better than the pictures. The colors aren't true. The fabric is really a blue violet!

The second picture is of some stash I received in the mail yesterday (Monday). I received from Stitches 'n Things my fabric of the month which is 28 count linen in the color Country Blue. The true color is a light blue with a hint of gray. The Sheep's Silk is a surprise gift and the color is Salmon Falet. Plus I received the freebies of the month "By the Light of the Moon" from The Primitive Needle (I love this one), "Free-bee Alphabet w/Hare" from La D Da and "Haunted Acorn" from Handblessings.
The earrings in the picture are beautiful handcrafted earrings I purchased on the web site Etsy. The small pair are cobalt blue beads with copper findings and the long pair have pink, clear and pale green beads bronze colored findings. Gosh I love both SO much! The long earrings are much bigger than I usually wear but here I sit in my PJ's with them in my ears feeling like a mermaid princess, swinging my head hither and yon, feeling the earrings swinging to and fro!
I purchased a new Barbara Ana design. In her newsletter she had 5 designs for special purchase for subscribers. I really liked just one and it is called "Bootscornu". It has 4 witches shoes in the corners and 4 ghosts in the center. I will be printing it off as soon as I am done with this update. It was only $2.50 and I sure do love it. I have the perfect fabric for it.
Oh yes, I have trapped 2 mice. I believe I have 1 more to go. I feel so much better now. I have a ridiculously large quantity of traps sitting around the malingerer's hide out, SO it is just a matter of time!!!
Today is young, I am off, traded with a team mate at work so I will work her Friday. I am going to trip on over to Momma's for a bit of breakfast and pick up more mouse ammunition she purchased for me at Dollar Tree. Then I will stop and get more Stitching GO-GO juice (Diet Pepsi) and come home and work some more on Beverly's B fairy. Have a wonderful Stitchy day and give rubbie do's to all poo's in your life!!

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