Friday, October 17, 2008

128 Stitches so far today...

Yes, 128 stitches, which really doesn't cover much when you look at it. But more stitching will be done this evening. I took my stitching outside and laid it on the stoop to take a picture. The fabric has a hint more blue to it than shown and the beads don't really show up.
We started out the day with some rumblies and rain. Oh, about noon the sun came out.
Good news is my supervisor called and asked me if I would be interested in trading my Saturday schedule with a team mate's Wednesday schedule. It gives me 4 days off this weekend but I only have 2 days off next week. I said sure.
The girls sat in front of me and I knew what they wanted but I told Rose to show me. Sure enough she gets up and walks over to the bag of Benefil! How cute! My 2 little stomachs on 8 legs!
I started sorting through all my piles of stuff in this computer/craft room. There is so much, that it is overwhelming thinking of doing it all at once. Little bits at a time, that is the key. I found my DMC verigated floss, 2 colors of which I needed for the Barbara Ana's. I found some cute buttons I had purchased and a lunch box which I promised to my team mate Tracy since someone stole hers.
I am disappointed as I won't be getting my stitching stash that I ordered last weekend until maybe next week. The supplier to Just Needlin' won't be getting "Something Wicked" until next week. I guess it has been very popular.
Well I have been a Stitchy Poo Gal today and hope ya'll have enjoyed stitchy poo stuff for yourself.

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