Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Random Stitchy Poo Thoughts

BeverlyI am dreaming of my days off as I sit here at work, listening to the rain on the tin roof. Yes Autumn is here, the trees are starting to festoon themselves in brilliant shades of red, yellow, orange and some purple also! My thoughts turn to cooking and baking and stitching in front of a good movie.

I need to finish the Miriabilia Alphabet Fairy that I stitched for my friend Beverly's birthday. The fairy is pretty much complete. I am anxious to start on a new Barbara Ana design. I haven't decided which one. Since I recently acquired Stitch or Die, Santa Paws, Holy Mud!, Olivia, The Fairy Witch, Boo to You...I am just overwhelmed with choices! I love her colors and whimiscal designs. She has great freebies on her site at http://www.freewebs.com/barbara-ana-designs/index.htm and also at http://www.cyberstitchers.com/PatternLibrary/index.asp .
I try to analyze myself and I think because we live in such dark and challenging times the bright child-like designs of Barbara Ana make me smile.

I did order some stash at Just Needlin'.com! Stitches 'n Things was having problems and couldn't take web orders. I ordered Halloween Parcheesi Board from The Primitive Needle, Winter White from Indigo Rose, and last but not least Something Wicked from La D Da. I really like the Parcheesi Board, I like the game boards but have never stitched one. Winter White is SO pretty on the blue fabric, one of my favorite color combinations, white floss on blue fabric. Something Wicked is just so, so, SO...Halloween wicked, I love it.

I don't have a photo to add to this post because I am at work, but I do want to take a pic of my Fairy and upload it in the next couple of days. I am looking forward to some Stitchy good fun the next 3 days! Hooray!!

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