Thursday, October 16, 2008

Unstitchy Poo Stuff

Nothing stitchy to report, not really. Last night I pawed through a basket of unsorted DMC and found all but 5 colors of floss that I need for one of my Barbara Ana designs. Today I thought about stitching but that doesn't constitute stitching, now does it.

I did get up pretty early and did some grocery shopping at HyVee and then bought an order of biscuits and gravy to bring home and eat. I stopped at the post office to redirect a package which was mistakenly sent to me by an Etsy vendor. I ran up to the bank and paid a couple of bills. Where did my day go? I laid down and took a bit of a nap.

It was delightfully crisp and cool this morning but the sun was definately full and bright all day. It was supposed to be about 80° today but don't know if it made it.

I have purposefully not listened to the news. I am so tired of the presidental election. I made my decision a long time ago and nothing can change it. It would be great if campaigning were only allowed a short time previous to the election, don't you think?

The dogs were out of food and I decided to try a different kind, Beneful. Wow, that was gobbled down in no time. I will have to see if they continue to gobble it and if they do, I think I will change brands.

Well I think I want a can of Diet Pepsi so since I don't have stitchy poo stuff to discuss I will pray for stitchy poo days for you.

PS--The pic is an older one, entitled "Hoggy Doggy". What is April's is April's and what is Rose's is April's!

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