Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday's Spring Sojourn

When I go to work in the mornings now, the sun is starting to rise in the east.  The birds are singing, I hear robins and cardinals and chickadees.  At work I hear the Canadian Snow geese across the street in the pond.  It is all the tell tale signs of spring.  I love the morning sun rises, God reminding us of the beauty in each day.
From my vista at work I can see the sun pop up over the horizon changing everything to a golden world.  I love it. 
My happy room has a large lovely window that faces the east and as the sun rises it fills the room with great light to stitch by or even blog by.  Rose and April are outside and I can watch them perform their duties.  I can watch the robins and sparrows hunt for their breakfast and soon I will hear the woodpeckers drumming out their territory on my rain gutters.  I wonder if robins will nest in the crook of the down spout like last year. 
So you can see this is a perfect spot for me to settle in to for stitching.  One draw back is the Professor likes to prowl up and down the hall checking out what I am doing.  I think it really bothers him that that he doesn't have a spot in here to hang out.  He does like to follow me from room to room. 
Do you remember this little beauty?  It is the Alessandra Adelaide stitch along from 2010 and it is sitting in here and I am itching to get started on soon as I figure out where I left off.

We have an appointment at 1:30 and I wish I could cancel but it is something pretty important so I can't. I want to cozy into the house and I don't think it is going to be warm enough to throw open a window, but I will take the 57° high they are predicting.

I have a shameful secret...I found a ton of unfinished projects in excavating the happy room.  I will have to take pictures of them and post them here.  You know when you buy stuff and then it gets "lost", oh my gosh I have found my lost stuff and I think I have found yours too!

Off I go to greet the rest of my day and enjoy the secret folds here in the Lilac Thicket.  God Bless Us Everyone.

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Miss LindaLee said...

Good to see you back here SandiJo. I too have a happy room and I love it. The brightest room in the house and way down the hall on the left. Comfy and cozy chairs and a great light for night time stitching. Bill too wanders down from time to time just to say that he likes the room. It had been a guest bedroom for years. Not now! You take care and post again soon.