Sunday, February 5, 2012

It's SO-O-O-O pink!

Oh my gentlest of readers, I'm in the pink and I hope my new blog design reflects that!  Since I officially turned 55 last week, I thought I would freshen up my life, like it could get any better then it was.  Well the answer to that is YES!  I was asked to work a special project at work. I was thrilled to be asked and even more thrilled to say yes.  So 4 out of my 5 work days, I will be working with another department within the call center.  I will be working on a project which will benefit the entire enterprise.  I will be learning so much more and who knows where this will ultimately lead me at CVS/Caremark.  God has blessed me beyond my wildest imagination.

Our mandatory overtime is almost at an end, which is terrific.  I have enjoyed more money in my pay but I love my time in my Thicket and I have been so tired.
The Professor is in taking a nap.  I know our late night, watching the Mizzou Tigers take a piece of out of some horrid little red and blue fowl's tail.  Go my #4 rated University of Missouri. 

I have heard something about a SuperBowl which has NO meaning in the Lilac Thicket because of our Border War game last night. 

So for my birthday I went to the Thrift Shop and found me a really nice SAK purse for $3.50 and a few other little chachkas.  Then we went and saw "A Joyful Noise" which we both loved.  I also was excited because my Caribbean Prince held my hand through out the whole movie (a first in my life).  We then went over to Mom's and the family was there.  We ate Popeye's chicken and had a lovely cake, decorated with cross stitch "X"es and flowers.  It was good, good, good. 
Then there were lovely presents.  I got a new pair of pants, a set of cookie sheets, a lovely blue blouse, a blue cotton jersey jacket,
3 pairs of wonderful earrings (hand made by my SIL)
and a gift certificate for my  needlework shop.  My Professor bought and sent me the prettiest card. 
So birthday 55 was the best one I have ever had.
I did purchase some stash, 2 Just Nan's Snowflower and Ice Blossom.  My Happy Room isn't done yet but there is definite progress.
I am getting ready for Valentine's Day.  Professor's favorite magazine is Penthouse Reader's Digest, so I purchased a subscription for 2 years and I want to get him some Hershey's Kisses.  Plus for the past 4 days I have been penning reasons I love him, I want to have 101 reasons. 
Then I will type them up and print them off instead of purchasing a card.  I am up to 72 reasons and the pretty pink trim covers a couple of private reasons which I won't share.  Mom was pretty impressed with my offerings when she asked me what I was getting him for VD!
So life is wonderful here in the cockles of the Lilac Thicket and I will close with a picture of the two most important people in my life.  My Caribbean Prince and my marvelous mother.  God Bless Us Everyone.

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