Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm a daughter...

Morning fans!  I have been busy as I told you in my last post.  I am feeling right sweet here in the Lilac Thicket.  Still a bit of a stuffy nose but I feel great.  I went this morning to have a fasting blood draw, wanna see my boo-boo?

I went to the doctor two weeks ago and told him I was tired of being fat and tired of of not feeling well.  We talked about a lap band and I haven't made any decisions on that yet.  My young cute doctor got me back on my high blood pressure meds with a diuretic and in the past two weeks I haven't had any fluid retention...yay!!! 

I wanted to go out and walk but it is just not warm enough and yesterday I was antsy all day. 

Professor and I worked in my happy room and it is coming along.  Most of the crud is shovelled out, everything off the floor.  I have to clean off the ironing board and sewing cabinet because the crud is piled high.  Today I need to do a load or two or laundry and then I intend to clean off one or both of those two surfaces.  We bought a lovely love seat for $30 for my happy room!  Everything was 50% off at the Thrift Shop last Monday.  I didn't think that the love seat would still be there, but it was!  Ain't God great!

I found lots of stitchy stuff I had forgotten about while shovelling in the happy room.  Oh my gosh, I am so excited about getting that shameful mess cleaned up.  I plan on spending my whole weekend in there next weekend stitching.  I am all quivery thinking about it.

Professor is getting ready for work.  I will be hauling his cute self up to his church's private school for his volunteer job which he really loves.
I told you I was antsy last night...I cut off all my hair.  Yup that professional cut where you put your hair in a pony tail on you forehead and take the scissors and whack it off.  I woke up this morning with it sticking up all over.

Well I suppose I should sort some laundry and then sit down and have a bite to eat.  God Bless Us Everyone!


Miss LindaLee said...

So glad you're feeling better Sandi and what a bargain for that love seat! You know all the right places for sure! I'll be starting on a "happy room" pretty quickly myself. Was going to wait for company expected in after Christmas, but they haven't mentioned the trip again, so I may as well just go for it rather than wait on them! Again. So glad you're doing better!

Amy said...

Love your Love seat!! LOL

I am glad that you are feeling better. Rooster was battling a head cold and won. He was more like a bear for a few days.

It was 70 degrees when I took Rooster to work this morning at 5am. Then the storms came. It is 63 now and we are going to have some cooler more normal temps.

Take care and God Bless!

Marian said...

Don't mean to discourage you, but I had lapband surgery 3 years ago. Not worth it! I wish I had saved my money and would love to be rid of it. Oh, to have a real hamburger. And I still toss up things that won't go thru it. Lost maybe 30 or so pounds.