Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Oh I know, a very imaginative and gripping title!  Happy New Year my beloved and gentle readers!  Are you ready for the best ride of your life?  I know 2011 was a wonderful year but I am certain 2012 will even surpass the old year!

It is cold and sunny here within the confines of the Lilac Thicket.  The Professor and I greeted the New Year by snoring.  Yes we are getting old, old, old!  Last evening we went out to dinner at Jumpin' Catfish.  The food was yummers and the company just as dishy!
We started out Christmas Day with the above activity.  Yes the Professor woke up and instead of saying Merry Christmas, he was on the phone talking with someone else wishing them Merry Christmas.  And it didn't get much better then that.  He had to talk with someone else for an hour while he was supposed to be getting dressed and we were late getting to Mom's.  We will also mention the call on the ride OVER to Mom's even if it was brief. Then the Professor had his first call while we were opening gifts and then the 2nd call while we were opening presents took him outside for 45 minutes while he talked with a sister.  Well needless to say I was not happy and I was seriously wondering the looks of strangers when the Professor walked down the street and his keister was ringing because I wanted to insert the cell there because I was so mad!  When I explained that my memories of our first Christmas together would be of him on the phone with God knows who, he shut it off.
Princess Wiggle Wiggle went nuts with all the wonderful gifts she received.  I mean what little girl wouldn't want a Lazy Boy Chair, princess size of course, a table and chairs, tea set, play house, doll and doll carrier.  She looked so cute in her little outfit and she was so much fun to watch. 
Wonderful munchies were had by all as we opened presents.
Princess Jujubead loved a pretty new scarf.
The Professor was "showered" with lots of presents, he was overwhelmed.
Brother 2 got a wonderful pair of red skivvies complete with the drop bottom for midnight trips to the bathroom
The girl with the cutest hair in the room got 6 new blouses AND the crock pot she wanted.
Dear BIL received a box to place on his desk at work.  It was an original creation of Mom's
Dear SIL received a desk top Ott lite which all stitchers covet for stitching.
No Brother 1 did not get a dog but he did get a Wii with 2 games.  Princess Wiggle Wiggle was fascinated by Bailey, Princess Juju's little dog.
Mom received a dirty sock which had a gift card in it.
Even Bailey Boo got into the Christmas present Santa left for her.  Yes, Rose and April got presents too but they were left at home.
Yes we had a lovely Christmas with one minor mishap.  Mom went to sit on a little stool next to the tree rather then the floor so she could hand out her presents and she completely missed the stool and fell into the tree.  Thank the good Lord she had wired the tree to the ceiling otherwise we would have had the tree thru the flat screen.  She wasn't hurt but I have to tell you we laughed ourselves silly.
Then we sat down to eat dinner and we were sated and happy and oh so blessed.
My dear big sister Hip to the Hop Dot gave me a hand crocheted doily.  It is pink and it is gorgeous.  I love it.
Professor and I don't have any money but he did manage to get me a gift.  The mugs are darling but the best part of the gift is the card that accompanied it.
Isn't that sweet?

So for now I will close and I do wish my kindred readers from the bottom of my heart, love, peace and prosperity.  With great love...Sandi Jo

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Miss LindaLee said...

What a wonderful Christmas day you had! Family all around with good food, conversations and laughs. (Orin! You are one lucky man! That business with the phone calls and all nearly changed the way you walk forever!) We had a great day here as well with family and friends, food, conversations and laughs. It all started early and ended late, and we were exhausted by the time everyone left! Sandy and Orin~Happy New year and may it be filled with blessings galore! Love to you both.