Monday, January 2, 2012

Travelling the back roads

It is a beautiful second day of the new year today.  The sun is bright and the wind is chilly but it feels like the world looks a little more beautiful.  The colors are vibrant and the sun much more cheerful.  I took the back road to the cross stitch shop and it was an introspective ride.  I decided that for 2012 I want to take all back roads because they are slower, more interesting and restful and they have a familiar comfortable feeling.  That is exactly how I want my life to be this year, comfortable, slow and interesting. 
At C.C & Company a darling little decoration greeted me and I just had to share it. When I walked in the door I was greeted with welcoming salutations, like the old friend that I am.  I have been visiting them since 1983, almost 30 years.  Now THAT is customer loyalty!  I have been a well treated customer there and they have always been helpful and accommodating. 
How fortunate for me almost every thing in the shop was 30% off.  I got the Lizzie Kate kit "A Good Marriage" and a wonderful piece of 28ct Jazlyn 18"x21" in opalescence Midas Touch.  They also had small ornament size pieces of fabric for $3, for a bunch.  My bunch had 4 pieces, blue, cream, tan and mushroom colored.  Then I took the last package of Piecemaker needles size 22.  I used the $50 gift certificate my Mom gave me for Christmas.  Yup the back road really blessed me today.
Oh baby, this copy cat recipe of Bob Evans Peanut Butter Pie was beyond love!  I made it in my new Pyrex glass dish to take for our weekend lunch date with my dear girlfriend posse at work. You can find the recipe at my cooking blog and that link is on the upper right of this page!
Hip to the Hop Dot made fried chicken, Krazy Kat Lady Karol made black eyed peas and Bodacious Bev made mashed 'tatoes!  Whoa, can you spell "YUMMERS"! 
Last evening the Professor and I travelled the highway down the the "Plaza" and upscale shopping area that is beautifully decorated every Thanksgiving for the holidays.  I was surprised how many people were out on a Sunday evening. 
Really the picture is a bit blurry but you can definitely see the beauty of the Christmas lights.
Then we travelled back to the suburbs where our Thicket is located and we drove downtown by the AmTrak station.  It was pretty all decked out in the seasonal colors. 
And the Professor wanted a picture, full length (no he isn't vain, is he).  I had to get out of the car and brave the cold north wind too! 
Yup, this is the we, love the pic of the Professor, on Christmas Day.  May you have a blessed New Year and I pray for you to be blessed by the journey down the back roads.  God Bless Us Everyone!


Amy said...

Howdy my friend. I am so glad that you had a wonderful Christmas. We did too.

Please visit my new stitchy blog!!

Miss you!!

Mouse said...

oooo well done on the LHS sale ... love the fabric and the chart too :) I am with you on a comfortable ride too ... hope you have a wonderful stitchy new year :) love mouse xxxx