Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's almost my bedtime...

It has been a very long day and it is about time to hit the feathers.  I wanted to share a few things with you.  One of my team mates brought me in a little gift.  Her Auntie had knitted little mitten ornaments and I think they are darling.  I stepped out of the car and immediately handed them over to the Professor Trim a Tree.  They are darling aren't they? 
Hip to the Hop Dot gave me a Christmas card with a baggie of this savory treat.  The card survived but the treat died a horrible way, but I enjoyed every morsel.  She gave me the recipe.  I stopped at the store on the way home and got the  crackers and Ranch Dressing Mix.  I made this up while I was making a pot of chili this evening.  I am also trying to make my chocolate peanut butter cookies.  Don't think they will get finished this evening.  Oh yes, the recipe for the Oyster Cracker Snack is over at my cooking blog.  You know where that link is...on the upper right side of this blog.
I "bought" stash yesterday with my gift certificate from last year!  I love this Stoney Creek Christmas design.  It is a pretty and girlish design. 
There are 8 designs in this Leisure Arts booklet and it was 9.95 so $1.25 a design.  I like all the designs in this booklet.  Lori Markovic designed all 8 designs, I like her style. 
I have had my eye on Bethlehem for a while, now I own it.
Three Kings is lovely and I think this and then Bethlehem would make lovely mantle skirts or in my case, entertainment center skirts.   
And of course I need to update you on the Campbell Kid escape.  Well somehow he did get off the branch and was sneaking between the sofa table and sofa to make a mad dash through the back door when Professor let the pups out to take a tink.  Needless to say "The Kid" tripped over the Professor's foot as the Professor tried to fade to the left to stop him.  Well there was a bit of a tussle, and "The Kid" drew blood when he clamped down on the Professor's little toe.  Needless to say "The Kid" back on the branch.  My rear end hurts just thinking about it. 

So for now my fine dear ones, I hear the song of the soft mattress sirens and I will dream lovely dreams of stitching and cookies and good friends.  God Bless Us Everyone!

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