Monday, March 12, 2012

Is anything special anymore?

It is a gorgeous spring day in the Thicket today.  The sun is shining brightly and there is a wind out of the south and the skies are just as blue as can be.

I guess with the advent of a pretty clean Happy Room, I would rather be stitching then fussing with my computer and blog.  I have done some stitching.  I am working on a Mill Hill kit with chickie poohs on it.  I don't recall the name and I don't want to get up or I will be distracted and not come back and sit down and tell my ever faithful readers that life is good here in the Lilac Thicket.

For a change I am on the Professor's $hit Li$t, it is usually the other way around.  I was trying to pay the water bill on line this morning and the city changed the damn website where one must register to pay the pill, I mean bill.  Of course with the passwords now you have to have a capital letter, a number, a special character, turn around twice, fart and then spit into the wind before the city feels your password is secure enough.  I mean really folks, someone may what...hack my password and pay my bill?  Oh my password is "2731" readers, someone please go pay my bill! 

Sorry I got off on one of my tangents, like that is anything new.  Well in wanders the Professor with a food storage container and lid and wants to know why it won't fit.  First of all it didn't fit last night when you asked me and I told you we have 2 different brands of containers and lids are not interchangable.  That answer has NOT changed since last night and Jimini Crickets don't interrupt me while I am fighting with the damn City Water Department web site so I can pay them money.  Well...that miffed the Professor that I didn't stop what I was doing and run to rummage around in the cabinet HE organized to find a damn different color round plastic lid.   Then I get a snotty retort with a distinctly Carribean accent which I didn't understand...okay sweetheart, I know I have a hearing problem because I can't understand your mumbles half the time.  That hearing problem also extends to all of my family and friends, because they have a hard time too!

So how is your life my kindred spirits?

I asked Professor if he still wanted to Thrift Shop with me today.  Nope, he didn't...great I think!  So the thrift shop did hold some treasures, cross stitch patterns and magazines, some macrame leaflets, a cool necklace I want to string into bracelets, some nice pillow cases, a couple of cool hand crocheted hot pads and a butterfly stained glass hanger for the window. 

For lunch McDonalds, a chicken sandwich and chocolate shake and the park.  I sat and watched squirrel run up and down the tree countless times with a mouth stuffed with leaves for it's impending baby.  I thought that was really the sweet part of spring, newness, specialness.  The tulip trees are blooming and the Bradford pears are starting to bloom too.  I watched some robins patiently listening for worms and I contemplated how nothing seems to be special anymore.  Nothing special, nothing sacred.  I remember when we were little and eating out was really special.  I only remember a couple of times doing it.  I remember when a neighbor would get a new car and we all would go and press out noses against the windows to see the pristine interior and look at our reflections in the shiny wax finish.  Holidays were magical and there was always something special Mom did for us on those days.  Everyone dressed up to fly on a plane or go to church.  Only tough old military men had tatoos and you gave wide berth to divorced women because they were "hot to trot", whatever that meant.  Movie stars were glamourous and behaved themselves.  Movies were magical and always had a happy ending.  What happened to us?  I miss those days.  I cringe at all the vulgarity of today, the selfishness, the ugliness.  I see nothing but disrespect.  I see contrived tv shows with badly mannered people pass as entertainment.  I see our world has lost it's dreams and idealism.  I am glad I did get to live in a world, for a short time, a world filled with possibilities and specialness.

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