Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pinch my ginger buns....please!

Spring is busting out all over the Lilac Thicket.  The Professor was excited about the "yellow flowers" that were blooming in the front yard amongst the chaos of dried leaves from last autumn.  It is wonderful to see the forsythia, red bud, Bradford pear and all the other yummy trees and bushes budding out.
It's hard to tell from this picture but storm clouds are gathering and we may get some rain today.  I love spring storms.  Oh and I even have had the air conditioner running.  I know it's early but I hate sweating glistening in the heat.  And it has been hot..near 80°.
So Tuesday was my sister, Princess Jujubead's birthday.  Wednesday was her husband's birthday.  So later today Professor and I will mosey over there to deliver birthday presents. Better late then never, right?
Last weekend Professor got bit by the baking bug and he made "ginger buns".  They are a barely sweet treat his mother used to make in Guyana.  Mind you we had no recipe but he made them from memory.  We had to go to the grocery to get fresh coconut and fresh ginger to make them.  Professor was all aglow because he dazzling and delighting many women throughout the store as his wife waited up at the front of the store for a half hour.  I saw him on the produce aisle with a circle of women around him as he instructed them on the purchasing of good fresh coconut.  He tried to bluff me and tell me that a little old man in a wheel chair was there asking the eyesight isn't that bad...there weren't any men there.

My review of his "ginger buns", they were okay, not sweet enough for my taste but my mom really liked them.  She said they were like scones. 
 I had enough of the cheap Teflon pans I bought 10 months ago.  I didn't like that we were eating Teflon that chipped off during cooking or cleaning.  Not only that but they rusted if they were put away a bit wet.  Which lead to the ruination of several of my kitchen towels which the Professor used to oil and wipe out the pans when they came from the cupboard.  So I bought a cheap set of stainless steel pans.  They had metal handles and I made handle covers out of a terry cloth towel I bought cheaply at the Thrift Shop.  Okay, catch your breath, that actually IS a table cloth covering the dining room table!
Yes gentle readers, I broke out my sewing machine!  Now pick up your jaw off the floor...I have been stitching also! I have actually stitched more then the picture reflects...amazing aren't I!
So at the Thrift Shop I found this 80's style necklace with pretty pastel colored beads.  Now I don't like it as a necklace but I am going to restring as a couple of stretchy bracelets.  The earrings are sweet and I really like them.  I wore them to work already.  I thought they could also be used as charms in a needlework piece.  The necklace was $2.50 and the earrings $1.50.
April was a little miffed with me because I hadn't taken a picture of her lately, let alone share it with her ardent admirers on the blog.  She wants you to know she has lost a lot of weight and she is looking very svelte these days.
And last but not least.... I came home from work yesterday to a very excited Professor.  He dragged me into the Happy Room to show me he had "discovered" that my web cam program puts special effects into the pictures it takes.  I was horrified to discover, the man I married is a 100% poser!  Yes gangsta poser Professor.  Please I beg of you, don't spread my shame around!

Well my dearest kindred readers, that is about all from my side of the Thicket. So until we visit again may your spring be lovely and your life blessed!

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Miss LindaLee said...

Removing the one thing did it I see Sandi. I got right into your blog this morning. So glad I did as your posts are always fun and newsy. So glad you are posting again. I've missed you!