Monday, October 3, 2011

The Prophets predict...mur-r-r-der-r-r!

And another weekend is history, how fast all of the weekends go by.  The weather a bit crisper at night, which fires off the furnace a few times during the night.  I love this time of year....and more and more trees are turning colors every day.

This weekend the Lilac Thicket was filled with wonderful baking smells and the kitchen was a hive of activity. I would have to say that my weekend was filled with the kind of enjoyable homebody activities I always wanted it to be.  It filled me with great joy and satisfaction.

Friday evening I got off work 3 hours early so that I could accompany the Professor to a seminar at his church.  I met his Pastor and the Principle at the school where he volunteers 3 days a week.  The seminar was interesting and we went home and watched a little Investigative Discovery (I am learning how dispose of someone without detection, so better stay on my good side) and we went to bed!
Saturday I took the Professor to church and came home to wash the dishes, sort laundry, make the bed and gather some ingredients together to make Hip Hop Dot's Peanut Butter Cookies.  On the way back to retrieve the Professor I stopped at the grocery to pick up a few needed items.  I took a few pictures because they had the cutest autumn display in front of the store and the lightening was great. 
So as the Caribbean Prince slept I was banging, dropping and damning as I spent most of the afternoon with the cookies.  I gave up trying to keep the dishes washed (I am a messy baker) and they piled up.  Hip Hop Dot's Peanut Butter cookies are best when eaten the next day.  Warm they are disappointing and cooled they are better but I could taste the lard and was upset I hadn't used shortening.  But after they sat overnight they were superb.  I want to get some of the bigger, decorative sugar crystals to sprinkle on top because I think it would look and taste better then granulated sugar.  Professor loves them.  He asked who they were for, because I usually bake stuff to take to work, I told him they were for us!  Oh there was that big smile of his that I love!  He told my Mom it reminded him of Saturdays when he was a child and his mother bustled around the kitchen all day cooking and baking.  I think that was the best compliment.
I did make a Parmesan Chicken and a Black Kettle copy cat recipe for Pasta with Butter/Garlic sauce.  I didn't like either one, the pasta was okay but I didn't like the chicken.  I won't share those recipes because they don't have the Girlish Girl two pink thumbs up.  The Prince wasn't overly impressed either and offered me cooking tips, thankfully that didn't involve ketchup.

We got cleaned up to go back to his church for another installment of the Biblical Prophesy seminar.  It started out okay but then it took an ugly turn down a very wrong street.  I almost was able to use some of my "bury the body without detection" techniques.  The illustrious speaker "showed" through Scripture in Daniel and Revelation that the Catholic Church is the Anti-Christ, the Beast!  Well, pictures of my beloved Pope Benedict and Pope John Paul were flashing up on the screen and I felt my anger swelling up within me and this fellow sitting on the opposite side of the church and to our front kept turning around and staring at me.  I think he could see the daggers which I know were flying fast and furious at the speaker.  The Professor did not say a word although he turned to look at me a couple of times.  I wanted to leave with a dramatic flair but God impressed on me quietness and as we left, I walked quickly and determinedly through the vestibule.  A couple of people tried to speak to me like the Pastor and some woman but I did not acknowledge nor look at them.  I was upset and angry and I felt like I would do physical harm to such ugly, stupid people.  The Professor followed me out quietly and we got in the car and he kept making idle talk, rubbing my back as I drove home.  I make a solemn promise...I will NEVER step foot in that church ever again!

When we got home we popped a movie in the VCR and pulled out the sofa bed and laid down all snuggled up and watched "Paul".  It was sort of a fun movie, if you can get over the fact that an alien from another planet swears like a sailor.  We fell asleep and woke up in the middle of the night and moved to our real bed, that sofa bed is horrible.
Sunday I baked my Pumpkin Dump Cake and I read, we watched "Rio", which was really cute.  I loved the colors of the birds and the music.  I washed about a million dishes and pans. We went over to Mom's to return her hack saw and I took her the first piece of Pumpkin Dump Cake and some Hip Hop Dot Peanut Butter cookies.  We visited for a little bit with her and Brother 2.  Came home and made dinner, "Hearty Chicken Pie".  It was really good, even Professor enjoyed it.  Here's the recipe:

Hearty Chicken Pot Pie

1-package (16 ounces) frozen mixed vegetables, thawed
1-cup cut-up cooked chicken
1 can (10¾ ozs) condensed cream of chicken soup
1-cup Original Bisquick® mix
½ cup milk
1 egg

Heat oven to 400ºF. Mix vegetables, chicken and soup in ungreased 2-quart casserole. Stir remaining ingredients in small bowl with fork until blended. Pour into casserole. Bake uncovered about 30 minutes or until crust golden brown.

I used cream of mushroom soup, diced up a couple of small red potatoes and added more chicken, I cubed up 2 chicken breasts from the Parmesan Chicken the night before and put it in an 8"x8" square pan.  Professor liked a lot.
As I leave you because I need to get ready to go to work, I hope you have a blessed autumn day.  Take a moment to just thank God for the beauty of the lovely autumn day and thank him for helping me stay out of prison for murder.  God Bless Us Everyone.

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Miss LindaLee said...

I copied your chicken pie recipe. Sounds so good and a perfect meal for this time of year. Anytime actually! How long did you bake your?
Always love your posts.