Sunday, October 30, 2011

Feeding the sofa

My Date and Nut Bread turned out nicely.  I will make this again and you can find the recipe here:  It has a nice crunchy top crust from the sugar I sprinkled on it.  I made a mini loaf for my dearest Momma!
Last night after we had that delicious Taco soup, the Professor was sitting at the table to do his Bible study lesson.  He looked so cute with his reading glasses on, I had to take a picture!
The Professor announced that April, who lives under the dining room table most of the time, needed to "get her some Jesus" and we all listened to Pastor Professor read his Bible lesson out loud.  April promptly began to bark in tongues and Rose began to chow down on all the manna that fell from Heaven. So goes a typical Saturday night in the Lilac Thicket!

This morning my Beloved let me sleep until 11:00am!  I was up around 6am, let April inside and I sat up on the sofa wrapped in a sheet trying to let my sinuses drain.  Doesn't that sound like fun?  So my day has been expentially shorter then ususal, meaning no stitching done.

So I am sitting here typing away as the Professor fixes himself some rice and then spoons the Taco Soup over it.  He walks into the frontroom, sits the overfull bowl on the sofa cushion and walks back to the bedroom.  When he comes back he finds a nice large red wet spot on our blue and white gingham check sofa.  I mean who could ever imagine something like that happening...right?!  I was SO thrilled he decided to finally feed the sofa, it had been begging for something good to eat for a long time now.  In the long list of dumb things he has  done, this is the topper!  Spraying the flies on the window with bleach water because it "eventually" killed them, was a good one.  Oh and there was the other day when he failed to stop at a four way stop and almost wiped out a car and a pick up truck...that was heart stopping.  And the day we hunted for 2 hours for Rose because she was no where to be found, except in the basement where I asked him if he had looked and he said "yes". Let's not forget all of the items he has broken, believe it or not, the broom 3 days ago, the handle snapped it half.  I have had the broom 8 years or so, and it worked just fine, 8 months with the Professor and it is broken.  But this one with painting the sofa red with tomato really upset me.
Well my gentle readers, I really wanted to report on my baking success with the Date and Nut Bread and I will keep you in the loop as far as if the sofa enjoyed the Taco Soup too.  God Bless Us Everyone!

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