Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Flyboy ghostie captured on film

Good morning my dearest friends and kindred spirits.  I wanted to share a really cute picture I took.  A local restaurant has an airplane on their roof.  Taking the Professor to work last week I saw the jack o'lantern sitting on top of the cockpit, I hope the ghost isn't a ghost of a previous pilot of the plane, maybe I should call TAPS for a paranormal investigation!

I posted another favorite recipe Stuffed Spud Soup at my recipe blog here: http://lilacthicketcooks.blogspot.com/  The wind is blowing in cold weather and this is a fabulously rich and filling soup to keep your innards warm and toastie!

Also Maryse on her French blog is offering a 2012 Stitch-along and you have to register for it by e-mail.  I love her designs so I sent her off an e-mail.  You maybe interested (Ms Linda Lee) and I would sign up asap as she may only offer it for a limited number of people.  Here is the link to her blog: http://grillesdemaryse.canalblog.com/  You may have to translate it to read it.

Professor and I went out driving last night.  He has really improved on driving the clutch.  He only stalled out twice at a slight incline at one of the stop signs.  A policeman pulled up and asked if everything was okay.  I told him "he's learning the clutch".  The cop laughed and said "carry on".  Poor Professor, he was all tongue tied and nervous, bless his heart.  He has an interview tomorrow morning with the local school district.  Please say a prayer for him.  We need this badly.

Please also I am asking you for special prayers for a dear friend, her husband is terminal with bladder cancer and his battle is almost over. 

I need to close for today, and my parting words are Peace, Love and Cross Stitch!  God Bless Us Everyone!

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