Friday, September 30, 2011

When seasons change...

The Lilac Thicket feels the yearnings of autumnal season.  Some trees are just beginning to sport the beautiful colors of the season.  I love this time of year, the crunching of leaves under foot, the smell of burning leaves and of course the beautiful vibrant autumn colors.  I love breaking out my jeans jacket and socks.  I love the smell of baking and cooking when I walk into the house.  I want to snuggle into my home with good book and jigsaw puzzles and of course snuggle under the blankets in bed with my Caribbean Prince.  With the crispness in the air my girlz want to live outside chasing the nut bearing squirrels.  My world in the Thicket is aflurry with activity and nostalgia, I adore it.

The Professor and I are planning an overnight trip in October down to the Ozarks to do a little sight seeing and experience the beautiful autumn colors at their peak.  I am so excited about it.  I took off a Friday so we can leave in the morning and come home Saturday evening.  I hope my nephew will be able to stay over to take care of our girlz.  I think if I ply him with great snacks he will gladly do it for his sweetest Auntie!

The Professor became an official Missouri resident this week.  We had his driver's license issued this week and I can't wait to teach him how to drive my 5 speed!  I think I maybe able to bribe my brother into teaching him and they may go a long way to extending our marriage.  My dearest has also begun his job search in earnest and that is exciting too!

My food plans for the weekend are gelling!  I bought Golden Delicious apples to try out an apple dumpling recipe, using the prepared pie crust from your grocers refrigerator case.  I have also purchased a spice cake mix to make my pumpkin dump cake (click on the "recipe" label at the bottom of this entry to find that recipe)!  I want to make some Hip Hop Dot Peanut Butter Cookies and then the chocolate covered Ritz cracker peanut butter sandwich cookies.  Oh yes I want to make some banana nut bread also.  I am thinking about quesadillas or maybe a Parmesan chicken recipe I just got.  I also found a copy cat recipe for a Black Kettle Pasta with Garlic Butter which sounds yummy. That might be cooked up with the Parmesan Chicken, sounds tummy-rific!

I am half way thru my book, "Assassins" which is the 6th book in the Left Behind series.  I might read another book "Cold Sassy Tree" before I go on to book 7 for a bit of a break.

The new movie "Courageous" comes out tomorrow, it is from the same people that made "Fireproof", "Flywheel" and "Facing the Giants".  These are such wonderful movies and I can't wait to see "Courageous"!

My sister from a different mother, Divine Miss M, is the Imelda Marcos of Carefart (my employer's name cleverly disguised).  The woman has 326½ pair of shoes.  I look over at her as she is leaving and she has the most terrific heels on.  I really admire her, I would never be able to totter anywhere on those heels.  In fact they would need to call the fire department to extract this fat old woman from the hole I created when I fell thru the plaster board!  I can hear them now roaring with laughter as they fire up the jaws of life!

True story, a friend of mine was in a serious auto accident and before they fired up the jaws of life she heard one of the fireman say "I wonder what kind of shoes she's wearing!"  See, I kid you not, they really would say that as these fat sausage legs are the only things showing through as though the plaster board wall ate me and belched out these ridiculously high heeled shoes..."All together now...heave...hoe!"

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