Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shocking tales of Spring cleaning revealed

Oh yes, oh yes, the great and wonderful me is going to start spring cleaning on Saturday!  I hear gasps of shock and awe from many of my most faithful gentle readers.  Some of you are bosom friends and you know me and how I break out in an allergic rash to anything remotely related to cleaning but sometimes I must clean.  I first stock up on the epi syringes to stem any antephialtic shock, so I don't die from the act of housecleaning!  That would sort of defeat the purpose of cleaning if my dead and rotting flesh littered the floor, don't you think?  So then I need to stock up on lots of trash bags, a good thing my trash hauling service doesn't limit the number of bags I put out.  Then I think it is best to put the girlz outside, so they don't accidentally fall into a trash bag after walking on a clean kitchen floor.  I best pull out the ladder so I can dust the tops of the ceiling fans, I have found that turning them on high speed and then quickly reversing the fan direction with the flip of a switch really doesn't adequately remove all the dust.  I will also need to take down all the curtains so I can tote them up to laundromat.  I have those louvered blinds that need to be hosed down, but mom suggested letting them soak in the tub with a little Calgon, okay the Calgon was my idea...take me away Calgon as the woman soaks in the tub.  I need to clean out the fridge, there seems to be a lot of penicillin growing in there.  The stove and oven aren't too bad but I want to clean out all the cupboards get rid of old canned goods and stuff.  I don't really eat a lot of that stuff anymore and most of it has been sitting there for well over a year.  I need to wipe down my semi latex painted walls and scrub all the 2 sinks in the house, one toidy and one tub.  Makes me rethink my complaining about how small this house is when I venture forth in unknown territory of spring housecleaning!  Oh did I mention my sweetie has booked his flight to come for a visit?  Yes I have until April 5th at 12:03pm to get my house in somewhat of a semblance of tidy!  Gosh, isn't a deadline convenient when it comes to motivation!!  God works in mysterious ways. 

I have also been thinking of looking for a new sofa and chair, something overstuffed and cozy too!  Yes picture me with cute hair draped upon an over stuffed sofa cuddling with my sweetie as we watch Mutilated Muppets Part XVI! 

I accidentally closed the tab to my new blogger post!  I let loose with a blood curdling scream and then realized blogger has auto save for idiots like me! 
Isn't this the most darling idea for a clock?  Oh my gosh how cute would this be in a sewing room or craft room!  Here is the link:
She doesn't tell you how to make it but it is pretty obviously easy to figure out!
I really thought these were so cute and easy to put together.  Maybe when I get my spring cleaning done I will make a few to brighten up my kitchen.

If you want some freebies the Craft Gossip site has quite a few pictured.

So my gentle readers of our beloved Lilac Thicket, I think I have blathered on quite long enough.  Even though I don't have cute hair this week due to my state of putrid health, I do need to put on my mascara to enhance the sexy eye thing.  Since my eyelashes are remarkably long and lush, I do need ample time to properly enhance them.  Until later, ado, ado, parting is such sweet sorrow!  God Bless Us Everyone!

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