Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ghosts in the Linen Closet

We have a ghost in the linen closet, that is the latest from my youngster April.  She is a skittish pup and last evening I put up some medicine and boxes of tissues in the closet.  Well a short time later one of the medicine boxes settled and this poor pooh jumped a mile. For the next 30 minutes she sat and stared at the closed door, cocking her head back and forth waiting for the "ghost" to come and get her.  Well I know that no one and that includes ghosts would want to "get" her.  They would have to endure tongue baths and the herding nudge with the nose in the keister, not to mention whining when Rose steals her bone and runs outside to bury it. Ghosts don't want family time in the bathroom while they are doing their business or the pleading brown eyes for a little morsel of food to be dropped.  I think that whoever might "get" April would bring her back very quickly.  I think that our ghost in the linen closet will not be showing itself again soon.

It is a overcast rainy day here in the Lilac Thicket today. I can feel the life squirming around in the bare limbs of our beloved lilac bushes. Soon there will be emerald leaves appearing and then the heavenly fragrant blossoms will appear.

I have been lousy sick with a head cold and it started last Thursday.  I have been through boxes of tissues, cough syrup, Actifed and Afrin.  Finally I am feeling better.  It is hard to imagine how much mucus one human being can produce.

There hasn't been any stitching done at all.  I have to say I love the new Lizzie Kate "Flora McSampler" line.   I think they are cute. Even though they are quick stitches, for me, they would be a year long project.  LOL!

My Marie Calander Beef Pot Pie is done so I am going to finish this boring missive and eat.  May all of you stay healthy and may there be NO ghosts in your linen closet!  God Bless Us Everyone.

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