Monday, March 21, 2011

Stitchin' in the House!

I did find time to stitch yesterday, found it calmed the nerves!  The big "Y" is almost done!  Who is that cutie pie holding the hoop....oh my gosh it is me!!! -This is such a cool idea using ribbon and glass headed pins.  I absolutely would go bananas if someone gave me a bouquet of tulips presented like this.   I am in love with the tiled Scrabble game for the patio.  That is SO cool!  I think my beloved would enjoy it also!
From the blog Homework. I loved this idea but was thinking on a bigger scale.  I have a Hollywood bed and would this be just grand as a headboard?  Oh my making my own buttons fills me with girlish delight.  This is a 6 part tutorial at Lisa Clarkes' site!
 Don't remember where this came from but mason jars and wooden candlesticks!  COO-EL!!!!!  I know the St. Patty's day is over but this is charmingly delicious and the pattern is a downloadable pdf!

Not much to report here but I use this blog as a bit of an ideas journal to hold pics and links to fun ideas I find on the 'net!  Someday soon I may get to make one or two of them.  So from our girlish hearts here at the Lilac Thicket we bring you wishes of happiness, joyfulness and peacefulness! God Bless Us Everyone!

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