Saturday, March 19, 2011

Corner Dirt Thieves Take Note!

I remember my Grandma saying she needed to make sure to lock her door when she left or someone might come into her home and steal the dirt in her corners.  It was amusing simply because my Grandmother's home was spotless!

Well I am certainly not afflicted with that nasty family trait! I wonder if I leave my door unlocked and the flashing neon sign lit in the front yard "Welcome Thiefs of Corner Dirt" if they might show up!  I could leave little fliers in the Lucite box, you know the kind the Realtors leave with highlights of the home for sale.  Yes I could leave a diagram of the house, pointing out the particular corners of dirt that need to be stolen.  I could also have some inviting appetizers and thirst quenching drinks to offer.  I could offer a sale, free corner dirt with the stealing of two!  Do you think I might get a taker or two?  Maybe I could get the Underpants Gnomes to come in and take a corner or two of dirt instead of the usual underpants!
So all kinds of spring house cleaning is going on, the kitchen is almost clean, I want to take down the blinds and hose them down in the backyard.  I started on the front room and you will see from the first picture, the ceiling fan has been attacked by the dust cleaner thingy!  I had to take a break, the stomach is a bit on the queasy side this morning.

Yes spring house cleaning at the Lilac Thicket is evidenced by the stylish blue trash bag to the left of the bushes I hate.  And I had a tough decision to make!

Should the shovel be left out until next winter, just to ward off any potential snow or should I stick a bow on it and call it yard art?  Well I opted to put it in the garage.  I am afraid it will daze and confuse my neighbors though.  Since I moved in the shovel has been handily left right where you see it and now my neighbors may not be able to find their way home because the landmark is gone!

I did see the leaf buds on my maple in the front yard.  What a wonderful sight, we all can now be assured spring is here at the Lilac Thicket.  If you do see the Underpants Gnomes, send them my way!  God Bless Us Everyone!

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