Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stash and Sundaes

I got off work early today and was excited about it. I stopped by Custer's Last Stand and went by my Mom's and surprised her with a delicious treat, a hot fudge sundae. She was very surprised and asked me how I knew she had a taste for ice cream...oh my physic abilities that I got from her, LOL!!

I am looking forward to the Shop Hop that starts tomorrow. It is said it will rain, we shall see, they are usually wrong. Can't wait to see all the stash I might not be able to resist.

The weather is lovely here, 81°! My lawn needs to be cut. I have called the man I hire to do it. Don't you love the smell of fresh cut grass? I do.

This was just a short note and I am sure I will have lots to report tomorrow when I get back to the Lilac Thicket. I know you are waiting on pins and needles. God Bless.

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Amy said...

I love the smell of cut grass too. The gardener is doing it as we speak.

I broke down and had a strawberry sunday the other day. It tasted so good.

Have a wonderful weekend and happy stitches!!