Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hopping & Hopeless Stashing

' Tis the season of the airplanes. Yes they are everywhere, I even found them in my laundry basket, maybe one of the girls dragged it in the house. It makes me marvel at how God makes sure new little trees get made. I think I am the Sandi Mapleseed of the world, I could easily plant thousands of Maple tree forests. LOL!
Well this is the sad state of the stashing I did on the Shop Hop. I was really hoping for the new Cross Eyed Cricket but since I only make it to one shop, chances were I wouldn't find them. I did come away with one free design and ring full of coupons for June thru December at C.C. & Co, plus a Sue Hillis "Homecoming" that was on my Wish List and my Little House monthly that I have on my automatic program at C.C.
I ran into 2 lovely ladies whose names escaped me, and I was embarrassed. I remember their lovely faces but the names might as well have been a word whispered into the wind. I am certain it was from one of the shop stitch groups I went to. I miss them and I miss having a cross stitch friend close by to do stitching activities with.
I spent the morning searching for free designs on the Internet. I found some nice ones too. I posted links to them on my Stitchers Antics group. If you are looking for freebies consider joining my Yahoo Group. There is a link to it on the right at the top.
I did look through a nice Italian blog, spend several hours doing that this morning. She had lots of different ideas and I enjoyed adding her ideas to my folder. I would suggest translating it with a Google language tool, or something similar.
I spent yesterday even going through my 4-3 ring binders which are each 2"-3" thick, 2 having clear plastic sleeves with multiple free designs in them. I pulled out my Just Nan freebies, some being 20 years old or older, I think I am going to look for the Charland freebies, I have a Collaboration freebie, her, Nan and someone else that I think I may start.
I am almost done with my Mother's Day Card. I never figured out how to do the twisted bar stitch but I made up a stitch. I am thinking I will make the bottom bar eyelets. It needs to be washed and pressed and then it is ready to give.
Well we are almost out of Diet Pepsi here at the Lilac Thicket, this is NOT a good thing. Brent was over today and has cut the lawn thus enabling the girls and I to peer out of the thicket to check out the outside world and we quickly pull back because there is scary stuff going on out there. We remain hidden here in our fragrant and wonderful Lilac Thicket. God Bless each of you!

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Amy said...

Oh you look like you did good on your hop.

I am wanting to be done with Mermaid this week. I am itching to do what you sent me. I keep looking at it!!! It knows my name. LOL

Have a wonderful day.