Friday, April 23, 2010

It's Friday

I hope the weather is nice enough this weekend to sit out back and stitch on the Mother's Day Card that I started. Do you think I need a new patio umbrella here in the Lilac Thicket? I think that umbrella looks like I feel...all beat up.
Here is my piece so far, I really just started this Sunday last in the evening. The fabric is a pink evenweave and the floss is the Rainbow Gallery Elegance Silk Perle # 8. It is a mauve rose color. It is the April offering in the Nordic Needle's card of the month club. I really love the card, of course it is pink, but it is so delicate and feminine looking.

Success again in the weight loss category. I can now tie my shoes in the middle of the shoe because I can more easily reach my foot to do so. Plus I have been able to shave under my arms and reach all the areas to do so. It has been so long since I could do it, I just stopped shaving under my arms. Life is good.

We had rain almost all day here in the Thicket yesterday and today it was raining when I let the dogs out. It has stopped now and is just overcast. I hope we have sunshine this weekend.

Next weekend is the Cross Stitch Shop Hop. I took off Friday and look forward to the madness. I am not sure if I will drive to Topeka but I do want to hit the 3 shops in the metro area.

Rose went into the bedroom and I had to follow her to make sure she didn't get up on my clean bed with her wet paws. I noticed the sun may be trying to come out.

Well on the subject of my precious Rose, her hot spot has all cleared up. I lovingly call it her "rump rot". I try so hard to watch that area of her anatomy to keep it clean and "rot" free. It is horrible because she isn't comfortable and she has bowel problems and then I can't sleep. Well the steroid powder and antibotics did their magic. She is sleeping and eating and being her usual Rosie self.

I finished another book last night, "The Center of Everything" by Laura Moriarty. I enjoyed it, it was coarse in places but I hate the way it ended. It ended in the middle of everything which was awful.

Last weekend I read "Between Sundays" by Karen Kingsbury which is excellent and it is a Christian Romance book.

I am out of Christian books but found a paperback which I bought sometime in the past. "Born To Be Wild" by Catherine Coulter. It is a suspense type mystery. I have become a reading fanatic lately.

Well I am going to get ready for work. I need to run by the bank to get some cash. Wishing you a wonderful weekend here at the Lilac Thicket.

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