Daisypath - Anniversary

Friday, April 16, 2010

A light gentle rain is falling here at the Lilac Thicket. All the beautiful spring flowers including my beloved lilac bushes are getting a nice refreshing drink. I am not sure if it is supposed to rain all day. If so, I hope it is a gentle rain so it doesn't knock off the delicate blooms.

Well the above is my real first finish this year I think! The fabric is what I found at JoAnn's and I really like it. It is cotton with little metallic flecks. The blue fabric will be a strip down the side of the finished stitching and the striped will be the back of the pillow. The gold ribbon will run down the seam in front to hide the stitching plus I will make a flat bow on the ribbon line. A team mate at work loved the red bric-a-brac but pointed out it will make it look country style and that is not what look I was going for. I think I will work on it this weekend. I will have to break out my iron...maybe I better rethink that! LOL!!!

I did get a very pretty ring in the mail yesterday. I ordered it from QVC. I tried to take a picture of it but they didn't come out to well. You can take a look at it at this link:

I have to leave the serenity of the lilac thicket in an hour to go to work so I can subsidize my opulent life. I do have one more dinner in the freezer and it will go with me to work today. After work I will hit the grocery to stock the freezer. I do so hate to navigate the crowds at the stores on the weekends. Until we meet again in this fragrant thicket of lilacs, I pray you are blessed.

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Amy said...

Love your God Bless America.

If you pop over to my blog, I have a in progress pic of my mermaid.

Love ya