Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Year, Nutrasystem, Needlework

It's a new year and true to form I have neglected this blog for quite some time. I have decided to take it to a different type of blog in a sense. One of my goals this year is to lose a pound a week. I would like to document my progress with that goal and of course my stitching. I pray that I will lose the weight and become more active physically and with my needle too!

New Year's Day I turned on QVC and the Today's Special Value was Nutrasystem. 15 days worth of food for $124.50, that is 3 week's worth of food with weekend's off. If I am not happy with the food or program, I can get my money returned anytime within the 3 weeks and not have to return any food. I watched for a couple of hours before I called the phone #.

I am not a stranger to losing weight, I am not a YoYo dieter. 20 years ago I went from about 250 pounds down to 168 pounds and I looked and felt good. I did it on Weight Watchers, but when I got down to 168 pounds, I became bored and my motivation disappeared. I was also getting a lot of attention from men and I didn't like it. Let me clarify that, I love men, they are definately one of God's better ideas. What I didn't like was men who had known me for years, suddenly wanted to take me out and that made me SO mad and uncomfortable. I discovered most men are very sexual creatures, I don't know why I didn't know that before but I had hoped they might be more interested in my mind, than my body. I hear the laughter!

Back then though it seemed as though every waking moment was about food and that IS a struggle. You plan your food each day, you buy your food, you cook your food, you pack your food for lunch, you eat your food, you think about tomorrow's food, you plan your food purchases, you hunt for new food recipes. It seems like an obsession. I don't want to be obsessed with food. With Nutrasystem, I don't have to "think" so much about it, it is cooked and prepared for me. It is packaged to pack and go to work. 2 days a week I have to fend for myself, the rest of the week is a no brainer.

I don't want this to be about numbers on a scale. The planner book has a place for you to write your weight in that day. I am not going to do that. I want to measure my successes in other ways like is my belly still touching the steering wheel in my car. Can I finally wear a seat belt comfortably? Is it easier to tie my shoes? Can I make it through the WHOLE grocery store without my back hurting? Can I perform the cleansing of myself after a (to put it nicely) bodily function in the bathroom? How are my clothes fitting? I believe you get the idea.

So I will begin on Monday, my work week starts on that day. I do need to pick up a few things at the grocery, like milk, yogurt and fresh vegetables for a salad. It is really cool because I can have unlimited quantities of some vegetables so......... I need to dig out some recipes I had when I belonged to Weight Watchers. I had a great one for a Ranch Dressing made out of yogurt and it was so good.

The picture is of my Cheaters Sampler. My friend Amy and I are doing a year long monogram sampler. It is a sampling of different styles of our first initial. Mine of course is a "S". It is stitched with silk floss from Vicki Clayton called "BeLaced" on 28 count white cashel linen. I can't wait to see Amy's.

If anyone is interested in joining Amy and I for this stitch along, I have a Yahoo Group, "Stitcher's Antics", there is a join button on the upper right hand side of my blog. Right now it is just Amy and I but we would love a few new members. God Bless and talk with you soon

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